#STEEMGIGS: Post a Photo of your Mobile Phone Challenge

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My cell phone.

The model is: Motorola Dyna TAC 8000X. I know it's something old but it's my favorite and very special for me.

I bought it, for a gift from my nephew Edmanyerber Rodriguez.

It turns out that a few days before my birthday I asked my nephew: What gift will you give me for a birthday? He said: let's see that I get him uncle. It turns out that the day of my birthday arrived and I did not expect him to give me a gift, when he arrived he said: Look what I brought you as a gift! I was very excited because I had time that I wanted that cell phone.


I wish that my friends can write over their cell phones too: @cetb2008, @nairobytoro, @amartinezque, @davidsc and @crimsoncrow.

Join this challenge. Read the bases here:


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I think this phone has a centimental value for you @willsaldeno coz youve treasured it so much. For our new technology this is face out already. Congrats! And goodluck