This is my sweet 2 baby

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Hi have blessed day to every one steemit family.

This is my two handsome children. lexee and aaron, lexee with our first big skin, aggressive, lively game with his cousins, if it's a skin, he's so very happy to our youngest brother. when my husband is doing it he watches his brother. We also ordered her to broom at the age of 2yrs.
we are also our youngest. he's a very funny and lucky boy. It was his intention to step aside into the hands of his older brother lexee. When lexee was lying down, he was lying on his knees and lexee.

They both complete my husband so we can call a family. They are also the ones I'm tired of when I get home from work.

both of them and my wife are the reason why I am trying to work even when I feel bad sometimes for my two children and my wife will do everything to be our family. So we were living in the house of my husband's parents for reasons of not having built houses. We have not even been able to collect even more rent. for the sake of my work, and my wife is the guardian of our children. their birthday is just over. We were young at the age of 10 and have not been baptized for reasons of money shortly. we are the first lexee on june 5.


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