6 Stunning facts | Human body | Part 3

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"If you are respectful to your body then its not gonna kick your ass"

Good Morning Peeps, Hope everybody is doing fantastic in life. Here I am back with some more surprising facts about our human body. 

First of all I would like to say that no matter what always love yourself, always be strong by body and by mind and respect everyone, because this world has a rule "Give and Take" . What you will deliver to others , same is gonna follow you back so choose your words and actions wisely.

Coming back to our facts so here we go 







Fact No.1

Everyone is aware of the term DNA so let me tell you that It is in coiled form in our body and it mostly makes up our genetics and if it is uncoiled then it will stretch about 10 billion miles and that would be from Earth to Pluto and back.

Fact No.2


I was shocked to read this, this little finger might seem useless or weak but but but if you lose it then you'll lose your 50% strength of your hand.

Fact No.3

However you might have heard of different species that can regenerate their lost parts like Lizard can regenerate its tail. Humans have that power too but only one Organ can do that and that is Your liver. It can regenerate after being damaged but too much damage can scar it.

Fact No.4

Teeth are the only part of our body that cannot heal themselves. External healing elements are needed.

Fact No.5

Without hair no one looks dashing :-P (Kidding) Some people do look :-D
So if our hair are left to grow for person's entire lifetime then it can be long about 725 km :-P
Whattttt??????? Yes Its true

Fact No.6

Everyone has their lower back dimples but in some people they are more pronounced and in some people they are not. See your own dimples today whether they are pronounced or not. They look wonderfully weird :D

So this was it for today. Hope you guys will like it. Stay tuned for more facts.
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It's a great post about SCIENCE! ^_^ @tulhachouhdry, I already upvoted and followed you! I hope you can write more about scientific facts! Also, if you do not mind to follow me back... I want to have friends who are interested in Science ;-; ... but anyway, this ARTICLE is GREAT!

Thanks for passing by @talentedkid
Appreciate that
Yeah stay tuned for more scientific facts.

Oh, rely I'm shocked to read after about hair :O it can be long 725 km?

Yes exactly I was shocked too at first. Nevertheless Just found that interesting.

Ahan! yesh it's interesting nd all others facts

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