5 facts | Our body | Part 2

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Hey folks, Hope you all are healthy and fine. Well I am here with the second part of "Facts about our body"

Every sound body has sound mind
Human body is the best work of an art

Quotes sources: Google

Stay always smiling, happy and energetic as it is essential for us

So coming back to the interesting facts about the human body.


You wouldn't believe that our nose has some massive power that it can remember 50,000 different scents and thats astonishing.


You will be amazed to know that our own body consists of minimum 70 million atoms and thats beyond our calculation.


So the 3rd fact is somewhat bloody😂 as our body has the blood vessels of length 1 lac Km. Isn't it quite long ?


You lose about 4kg of skin cells every year it means that our skin is replaced by tye fresh skin cells.


Average person has more than 67 types of bacterias in their belly button. Thats some sort of scary but its not something to worry about.

So these were the 5 facts that I searched to share.
Hope you guys liked it.

Stay tuned for next part


Interesting facts you have mentioned here will be waiting for more parts @tulhachouhdry :)

Thanks @bunnychum
Yes I'll be posting more in few days

Amazing facts, that's indeed our skin needs to become fresh skin cells.
You can put a tag "neoxianfan" ;)

Yeah, for renewal of skin.
Just corrected it. Thanks sana

Some amazing facts you have shared in your post but what shocked me the most was all the bacteria in our belly buttons. Who would have thought it?
Then again, maybe it makes perfect sense, because I think not a lot of people pay close attention to cleaning their belly buttons when they shower or take a bath; at least not as much as for instance, scrubbing our faces or feet to get rid of dead cells...
From now on I will take extra care to clean my belly button as well. Thank you for the interesting information.

Yeah at first it shocked me too, but then I thought day by day researches are conducted and it could be right. Yeah we donot pay much attention in cleaning our belly button but we aren't sure that wether these bacterias are beneficial or harmful.

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About being "fresh" in skin cells, is it true that our dead cells fall from our skin!?

Yeah exactly they shed from our body in order to provide room for new cells.

Oh, I taught the right thing to my classmates. Thank's for answering!

You say right....

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