"steemgigs" Witness Is Undergoing Maintenance (upgrading to 64GB RAM) & Recent Patches To (https://steemgigs.org).

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The @steemgigs witness is up for maintenance as there is now need to upgrade to a 64 GB server from the existing 32GB. 

The 32 GB RAM server is no longer sufficient as @steemgigs witness server has now missed several blocks and tends to go into crash-mode, thus, to prevent that, we have disabled its key for a short while, inorder to upgrade to a 64 GB RAM server. 

We use @privex and we hoping that we can get them to set up this new server ASAP

In the meantime, we also keep enhancing https://steemgigs.org, the first freelancing social network on a decentralized steem  blockchain with the power of Fiverr, Upwork & Freelancer combined. 

We admonish you to visit and join in, in offering a service. "Everyone has something to offer"

The code is also open source and synced on utopian, so please do well to contribute, to enhance it. 

Apart from utopian contributions, you can also help us by means of your normal day-to-day steemit content curation. 

Always remember not to let any talent or potential talent slip emptily by! Thus, anytime, you see some art-effort or graphic-design-attempt, poetry, creativity etc; feel free to leave an inspirational comment, then admonish these creative minds to try out https://steemgigs.org, perhaps, they can also put their expertise to testimonial use in helping others build their dreams or at least get to hone their talents.

As you get to use SteemGigs, remember that it is a steem-based website, thus, whatever service your offer there, appears also on steemit as valuable content and is subject to curation. It can also enhance you general reputation as steemians get to know you better, through your craft, talent or expertise. 

Thus, do well to put in utmost effort even with your #steemgigs

We will continue to specialize our editors to make this more of the case. Where possible, remember to use media that showcases your past work, whenever you upload a PORTFOLIO & in cases where you have resourced images from the web, remember to add source URL and render credit to sources, where appropriate. 

Videos do well in appealing to potential clients and may improve your general reputation (even here on steemit), hence, where possible, make a video of yourself, telling potential clients why they should avail of your SteemGigs and shine all the way forth.

There also other facets to SteemGigs e.g the custom requests segment, which allows you to build your own dream. 

So do the "dreaming", leaving the "building" to us! 

With custom requests, you simply create an offer indicating what service you seek and how much you will like to pay and it will be saved on our database; searchable by reputable SteemGiggers. Moreso, we will look to push this (custom requests) to more visibility, both here on steemit and actively in the SteemGigs community on discord.

More paradigms will be added to SteemGigs over the course of time to ensure that eventually, "everyone has something to offer".

Note: Don't forget the untalented editor, a specialized editors that helps you create enviable steemit posts.

Here are most recent updates to our website:

1. A "redirect to Steemconnect V2" message:

2. Views Counter

3. Custom Profile Edit Now Works

More updates are sure to come in the coming days, thus, stay tuned!

Even if you aren't ready to offer a service on SteemGigs just yet, note that every steemian already has a default profile on https://steemgigs.org, so why not just visit SteemGigs and customize it at least; as this already opens you up to possibilities. 

To see your profile, simple append your steemit username after https://steemgigs.org/ 



SteemGigs pulls a portion of your steemit profile, like your steemit profile picture and your Steemit reputation score as these are essential aspects of a SteemGigger but you are able to customize other aspects of your SteemGigs profile, once you are logged in on our website.

If you decide that you want to adjust your profile picture, you will have to do it from your Steemit account "settings".

This is how a SteemGigs profile looks:

You Can Support The SteemGigs Even Further

To vote our witness, simply visit https://steemit.com/~witnesses and type in "steemgigs" into the first search box for witnesses or simply click Here to do it on one click! 

If you want us to make witness voting decisions on your behalf, simply visit https://steemit.com/~witnesses and type in "surpassinggoogle" in the second box for proxy.       

Let's Go!!!

Offer a service under hashtag "steemgigs". Attempt out-of-the-boxness on hashtag (untalented)

Join the Steemgigs Community on discord: https://discord.gg/CGuPyyT  

"Everyone has something to offer!" Why not?


Hi @steemgigs team and @surpassinggoogle, Thanks for the update. Was going to bed and just noticed this post so stopped to read it. I'm definitely going to visit steemgigs website to improve my profile there and also to see the upgraded version. Thumbs up and great job. Keep rocking.

Steem On!

great work

Well done @surpassinggoogle.... Great work.

I like the features of steemgigs. Thank u for enhancing and making it more easy for users. More power

Many many happy returnes ofthe day Terry. @surpassinggoogle

After server maintenance please reviews this problem !!!
I can't i post a gig on steemgigs? please review and solve it, Wish to Allah steemgigs platform growing up as soon as possible.

Thank you for everything and feedback. Please visit here and ping or dm the admin there to relate your experience

sir how can i approve you for witness?

Unfortunately not many people are active there. People just spam their blog posts everywhere. The group needs more active mods.

i will face same problem. i can't post by steemgigs. today i will trying so many time but i can't do this. how can i solve my problem sir @surpassinggoogle?Screenshot_20180311-155126.png

Can you post your gig now? I keep getting the same error as you.

Were you able to post your gig today? I keep getting the same error as you.

Wow, this is a very good development as someone was telling just some few hours ago how he wasn't able to register on steemgigs. I guess it is the due to the maintenance work ongoing.

Not exactly. The maintenance is something different; that's for the steemgigs witness server.

https://steemgigs.org works. You will need your steemit details to login, since it is a steem-based website. It doesn't require a registration

Features, creativitiy of the site is, I like the most. I hope that the progress will continue because, It is very nice to visit, this kind of site. Maintenance are very much helpful. Thanks ti this @surpassinggoogle

Thank you sir for the info, I Will let my client know and have him join steemit so that he can be connect with steemgigs

Hello @surpassinggoogle I am stilling waiting for my new gig on steemgigs.org . Does this means the site will be down for this whole time?
Thank you for updating and upgrading steemgigs. I think I'd have something to offer too.

This doesn't refer to the website. The website works.

The maintenance is for the steemgigs witness server

I am sorry for mistaking the website with server. Thank you so much for letting me know.

Hey there @surpassinggoogle,

I can see that the website is under maintenance recently which it was understandable since it take some trial and error for in order to get it right and I believe that other Steemians will feel this way in a rather positive light.

I just hope that the site @steemgigs will run smoothly sooner or later.


hahaha not the site. The site is good to go. Visit https://steemgigs.org

Maintenance is for the 'steemgigs' witness server which is very different

Oh sorry about that! Silly me!

This is an amazing upgrade this can help a lot for more development in this platform.

Maintenance is for the "steemgigs" witness. https://steemgigs.org is up and running

Oh is that so? Ok then!

Happy Birthday to our dear @surpassinggoogle and may his projects will be successful in the long run and his days be great!

Thank you for this update as have being having issue registering on this site. I hope you guys fix this on time, can't wait to get on your platform

Maintenace is for the "steemgigs" witness. https://steemgigs.org is up and running

You don't need any registration for steemgigs.org as long as you have your steemit account

Weldon @surpassinggoogle maintenance is necessary for smooth running of the system

Maintenace is for the "steemgigs" witness. https://steemgigs.org is up and running

Thanks for telling us simpe tutorial about steemgigs. I already exploring it several days and listing what can I offer. Thanks for creating steemgigs. It help us a lot :)

You are welcome
Thank you too

Finally wait is over. This project was started couple of months back and I'm following it since long as i know the potential of this project. You have done an excellent job @surpassinggoogle and @steemgigs. This is a project for common poor needy people. And you guys gave a great gift to all of us. Well done keep it up!

Me parece genial que steemgigs agrande su capacidad, mientras mas mejor y habra una mejor fluidez de datos

I was introduced to steemgigs by a friend yesterday and j took my time to read the same thing that was published above. @surpassinggoogle has really done well. I'm joining and I will be an evangelist of it too. I was a little reluctant to join initially since i can't do what my friend that introduced it to my is doing, I was of the opinion that my specialisation is not inclusive but after digging a little and reading the above, i found that there is a category i belong to on steemgigs, and with steemgigs, I'm in for a worldwide patronage.
I love #steemgigs
@surpassinggoogle is doing well
And the upgrade is very important. I wont relent to broadcast steemgigs until all my friends join. And with that, a bigger broadband is needed to accommodate everyone of us because @steemgigs is the best place to be

Ohhhh. This is great. Ill try steemgigs now.

@surpassinggoogle I hope everything works out soon. I have heard that other witnesses have already upgraded their servers to 64 GB. Good to hear that you are doing it too.

@steemgigs indeed is a wonderful website. Those who have artistic talent can benefit out of it.

And @surpassinggoogle Happy Birthday

Thank you @steemgigs and @surpassinggoogle for upgrading 32 to 64gb. Excited what would happen next after the upgrades.

Thank you for letting us know you are upgrading the witness because I was just wondering about that today!

Thank you alot for the support. It has been migrated already

I hope to know more about the steemgigs as am new to this platform. However the upgrading can only be a good thing

@surpassingoogle happy belated birthday, long life and prosperity.

Nice post. Good to see.

Wow... Steengigs is growing too fast to made this update. Congratulations to you sir terry.

wow good to know
for after several days or weeks it needs upgrade.
it shows that many members are using it already.
thanks Sir Terry

I have already vote @at witness 2days ago sir... new update is gonna be great it i believe it. thanks a lot for creat steemgigs... it helps mny people... doing an amazing job...👍

Really?! I never heard of steemigigs before now. How come i never knew such an opportunity existed? I'm definitely going to try it out. It's a great job you guys are doing here, please keep it up.

Thanks for witness

That will be wonderful for fast and better service. Thanks so much. And also happy birthday to @surpassinggoogle

Hello @steemgigs yes this is so good for our social work and thank you so much

Thanks @ steemgigs and surpassingoogle for the information.

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yes you can provide

Thanks, @surpassinggoogle, @steemgigs update and share this article I am interested tis amazing service

Thanks for this great and wonderful creations for all Steemians. Btw Happy Birthday sir Terry @ Surpassinggoogle. Wush u good health and more blessings to come... Thanks for all the good deeds.

Hi @surpassinggoogle this incredible amazing @steemgig service . I will try .
Happy Birth Day @Terry I wishthis day return in your life 1 thousand time . Wish you best of luck Happy Birth Day again .
Stay blessed and Steem on!

I love the steemgigs.org and recently summit a post

Wow... Wow... Wow... Great achievement here. Well done @surpassinggoogle

I can see that the website is under maintenance recently which it was understandable since it take some trial and error for in order to get it right and I believe that other Steemians will feel this way in a rather positive light.

I just hope that the site @steemgigs will run smoothly sooner or later.


I'm looking for the upgraded version of steemgigs, and I'm excited to use it soon.

Now Steemgigs.org become a big platform and i recently submitted few post

I see good, I want to try to use this application for my post, You are my witness. success and keep spirit.

Woooow, good job definitely, I never tire of saying it, they are the best friends, thanks for both! @surpassinggogle and @steemgigs

Hellow @surpassinggoogle and the team steemgigs thanks for the update hope soon you made it cause lots of newbie steemians, hanging on what is steemgigs and who is @surpassinggoogle. I advice to follow them and dont shy to ask more questions about steemit platform.

wow amazing , we need someone to development, and @steemgigs and @surpassinggoole team, great post, thank you the nice information and updating sometings and learning more info. nice good...