SteemGigs Discord Server Is Easily Becoming The HUB for The Most-Gifted Steemians; "Currently 111 Great Minds!" We Implore You To Join In!!!

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Here is why should join our discord server

Basically, without knowing it, we are building a community of awesome steemians and this community will be a very special one no doubt. #steemgigs will very likely become the most talented community on steemit and sometime in the future this will play out, perhaps in a contest involving steemit communities, lol. Like i said the vision is broad and this is the very fun part. 

Infact, even in our general chat, steemians are in brainstorming mode. The atmosphere on our discord server is filled with love and loving actions.

We look out for one another and know each other in more renown ways! We know most steemians for their content and in the case of steemgiggers, we now also know them, for the things they are capable of doing; services they can offer. It is also becoming ever more obvious that steemit is beautiful and that steem blockchain is a platform to create dreams and build visions. We are starting to steemgigs-inspired creativity and it is a beauty to behold.

Recently, we saw @texttosteem administered by @teamhumble, who offers to do voice-overs for steemit posts and gosh, isn't this utmost beauty!

Unlike other discord servers with mods and admins, we have roles instead. Look at the right side of the screenshot below:

Yes, once you get on the #steemgigs server, you can easily see who is who and what they offer. 

One of the steemgigs motto, "is everyone has something to offer". The steemit community is synonymous to the steemgigs community, thus, we implore every steemian to peer in and see what we are doing. Though, beta has ups and downs, it is the best time to jump in on something with vast potential; "we are currently in beta".

Look At This Cute Vision

  • Improving the steem economy. 
  • Improving steemit growth. 
  • Tightening the bond of our existing steemit community. 
  • Unveiling the "human behind the steemian". 
  • Unraveling the wealth and depth of our existing steemit community. 
  • Imploring steemians to practice their profession & hone their expertise.
  • Instilling in the steemit community, the culture/art of "giving and receiving".
  • To create a more fun atmosphere even in the face of overwhelming events. 
  • Add an organic reputation system (SteemGigs Success Testimonials) to our reputation score system. 
  • Expanding the vision of steemians, with regards to the scalabilty/capability of the steem blockchain.
  • Sparking more creativity thus, more solutions to real world problems. 
  • Beautify steemit/steem in the search engines. 
  • Connecting steemians in need to steemians indeed. 
  • Keeping inactive steemians in the steem economy by means of live SteemGigs. 
  • Providing non-blogger steemians with incessant ways to earn steem/SBD 
  • Burn SBDs 
  • Gift humanity with a least one breakthrough product/solution 
  • Attracting the freelance industry, recruiting agencies and powerful organizations to the steem economy.
  •  etc 

The above vision is beautiful but is only truly accomplishable by your help. We are gradually creating a hub for the best steemian experts in different fields and now is the time to hop into this beauty community, so that you are fully part of its growth. 

We are growing daily and we are currently at 111 steemians. Too, our evolution is incessant; there is always brainstorming happening in our general chat room; "new ways to mind with minds"; thus, there is always a new development. 

We also gradually building a hub for developers of steem to hangout and a dev-request channel is in the making, for developers looking to take requests from steemians and we will mention this interesting development in a separate post!

This Is It:

Our GIF footer was done by @timbalabuch for just 1 SBD. #steemgigs is amazing!

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Glade to hear you guys are growing, and the amount of team work that is going on is a beautiful thing. Steemgigs is a community filled with professionals looking to take Steemit to the next level. I highly recommend them for anyone that has an issue that needs solving.


Hahaha, thank you a lot. It is hard but it is growing and it has been a beauty!

i promise i'll try to be more active there!