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Every method shared here are true and you can use it at any time, but remember the following condition for better earning :)
let me split it in two ways,
Here is the first way:
1>we should have a facebook account, which should be good looking and appealing to see.

  1. Post publicly on Facebook.
  2. Use Facebook Messenger.
    And promote your brand or product.
  3. Send messages based on past conversations and what you know about a friend.
    talk with your circle in messenger, and when they ask " what you do?" then only promote your product.
  4. Keep the conversation going.
  5. Stay in touch.
    keep posting quality stuff
  6. Grow your friends to grow your income.
  7. Create a group of support and inspiring sales teams.

For the second way, it is necessary to have page or group, higher the numbers of followers or members, higher is the earning.
in this method I am not going to teach you how to make facebook groups and pages, you are better than me in this. in this section, i am going to teach you guys, how to earn from facebook.

create a page or group and invite your all friends to like the page. ask your friends to invite their friends friends too. in this way grow your page/group.
keep posting in the group or page , this will keep your followers engaged. engagement is most important thing for earning . higher the engegement , higher is the earning.


  1. Earning from Facebook Page / Group

Way #1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing
it is basically referring a product or service to people & we will get paid when they purchase the product or service. There are many types of affiliate programs in each and every category.we should choose affiliate programme as aour wish. as our niche. never go away of your niche. You should select a niche based on your audience interest and that is when you can earn.

so let me say you the way to earn

some affiliate programmes are https://affiliate-program.amazon.in

You should register in above links and start promoting products . and start to earn

Way #2. Sell your own products

Don’t worry by reading the title. It is very easy to set up an ecommerce store nowadays.just do these steps :

Register at Shopify ($29 basic plan is suitable for you)
give a name to your ecommerce shop and pick your brand domain name for eg: yourstorename.com
choose affordable product to promote, dont choose too expensive products, its hard to sell these expensive products.
choose domains according to your niche
give detailed description about the product
give pro and cons of the product, make them realize about the product and gain their trust. and never break it.
Post links to your product on Facebook. dont post link much , fans get irritated , and your engagement decreases rapidly.
and you will get payment when someone buys a product.
you can also sell your own ebook .

Way #3. Blogging

Blogging is one of the best ways to make money online. you can do blogging as a fulltime woork.we can start blogging at zero investment from wordpress. you are supposed to invest 10$/15$ per year for domain and hosting . if you invest its better. if you didnt invets , it wont be a problem . domain and hosting is suggested to purchase.
from facebook , take traffic to your website and earn through adsense, facebook and so on.
some best affiliate programme are EBAY AMAZON CLICKBANK.

if you have a page with 100k likes , then you can try - http://viralaux.com/login/signup .

do you know , how to earn money from instagram ?
if not visit the link below


above post is intended for educational purpose . i love to call myself as a instagrammer . i have instagram accounts if you need

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