#STEEMGIGS: I will build a chatbot assistant for your Facebook business or personal page

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What if you have an assistant available 24/7 to answer Frequently Asked Questions and engage your customers, direct them where they need to go or even sell for you overnight from your Facebook Business or Personal Page? 💁

You'll save time from doing redundant tasks on your FB Page and deal with more important things & free your schedule to do things you love! 💖

What's more, what if your 24/7 assistant can also add people who interact with your page to lists and be able to broadcast messages to people in these lists so they can be updated of your latest promos, events, gigs, sales and what have you? 🎭

These are just the tip of what an automated Facebook chat assistant can do for you. I will build for you a fully customizable chat assistant/auto-responder for your Facebook Page that will automatically handle tasks for so you can focus on growing your business. 💰

Instead of just explaining it with words, I will demonstrate what it can do for you and your business...

This is an automated chat assistant I created for demonstration purposes. This one's focused on the cafe/restaurant industry but we can create one that's specific for the type of business that you have.

Best viewed in 480p)


Pricing is STEEM or SBD Equivalent to $500

Breakdown: 🔨

a. $350 creation and setup 🛠

b. $150 recurring monthly retainer/maintenance: for changes/edits, additions, revisions, managing and maintenance of the FB chat responder. 📋

Half upfront ($250) and other half ($250) upon completion, prior to delivery.

Delivery: 🏍

Depends on complexity.

Within 24-48 hours for a Basic chat assistant.

Up to 3-4 days for more complex ones.

Price: Starting at 200 STEEM

Delivery: 2 day(s) 0 hour(s)


  1. Admin access or 1 rank below admin access to your Facebook Page. 🌍
  2. Supply me with images you wish to include in your chat assistant's actions & responses. 📸
  3. Schedule a chat consultation with me so we can determine the flow of your chat assistant's conversation, greetings, features/actions & responses. 💻


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@AdGoggleKo Just tweeted your post. 😊

Thank you! :D