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Hello steemians
If there is anything that i have learnt is that giving is the key to a lot of things in life and a very good way to earn trust.
So i decided to do a design (logo, banner or anything similar) free of charge for one person.

I'm not too good with selection and stuff but if you know someone that needs a better design, logo or something similar. Please mention the person so that the person can drop his brief.

Just in case there is an influx of requests i will only be able to attend to one or two of them at most. ^__^ The ones that have the best descriptions, and if all of them have very good descriptions i will pick one or two randomly.

Please make sure your brief(i.e what you want to do and a detailed description of what you want delivered)

I have been designing for 4 years now and have been a photographer for the same time too....and have saved many lives with my super-hero abilities...*smiles

You can also send me a mail here - [email protected]

Tag/Mention a friend that might need this

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Resteem//Comment and be good

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