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When I first heard of steemit and how rewarding it is, I stopped and thought about it for quite some time; I wasn't really a fan of networking (still not a fan) and I never believed in creating traffic for website owners to earn money while I struggle to get cramps. I believed in facebook though because I had no intention of making anything from it apart from showing the world I could do some poems and probably get a market ready when my anthology finally leaves my shelf.

My first impression of steemit was quite impressive; I saw trending posts with more than a hundred dollars and various comments so I thought I had arrived (a hundred dollars would change my life in a very large scale; my phone inclusive). I started out; posting poems and some stories but ended up having just one upvote (of course it was from me) and it became clear that steemit was for the elites or probably for those with great reputation over the years.

I had some enticing comments on people's blog and thought it would help me improve my stand and reputation, at least, and get some followers; yes, I had some followers and some upvotes but it was never enough considering the fact that the cost of data subscription in Nigeria is alarming. It became harder to bear considering I had stepped up from subscribing three hundred Naira for social media to a thousand Naira just so I could access steemit yet nothing was forthcoming.

I had to run back to a friend that started steeming before me @lovethlouis and gave her my complains and told her I was quitting. In her words "you think steemit is not lucrative?.... I have seen people retiring from their bank jobs to give full attention to steemit.... Don't just make posts, give quality comments and make friends and, you never can tell, a whale might just upvote your comment". In her final words she said "follow @surpassinggoogle, he's everyone's hero. With time you'll find out why!".

It was just a statement to me though but what would I gain if I stopped or probably didn't try out her advice? So I followed @surpassinggoogle and made a comment on his post. I know this might sound ridiculous and weird to some of you but I felt on top of the world when I had $0.67 from his upvote. I had to feel so because even my introduceyourself post couldn't fetch me that amount in seven days with different people upvoting it but just one comment and my reputation had jumped to 28. But that was just the starting point. I was encouraged to keep commenting on his posts and get upvoted and he didn't stop; he kept pushing me up.

In addition to @surpassinggoogle, I met @wafrica and every day I made a new post with the wafrica tag, I got an upvote from them. This made steemit worth calling my bus stop.

I might not have made millions on steemit but I have met with a man with a good heart for steemit and minnows and like I'll always say, "he's the reason I'm still on steemit, the day he leaves I'll likely follow him".

On a flashback, I was asked to join the discord channel but, due to the type of phone I use, I've not been able to join up. I know this has really reduced the number of upvotes I could possibly have gotten but I surely will get there someday.

I was also told I could have conversations with my idol @surpassinggoogle on discord and that's a dream I can never forget. All I can wish for right now is the privilege of seeing his picture. I'll treasure it till I can get that personal conversation with him.

Do you love what he did for me?
Do you want more people to enjoy this same generosity?
If the answer to those questions are yes then he needs your support too. Vote @steemgigs as your witness or vote @surpassinggoogle as a proxy to help you vote for witnesses.

He loves steemit!
He loves humanity!
Let's keep the steemit dream alive!

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Hello! I find your post valuable for the wafrica community! Thanks for the great post! @wafrica is now following you! ALWAYs follow @wafrica and use the wafrica tag!