Join @surpassinggoogle on the SteemGigs On Discord Talk Show, and make him witness your success

in #steemgigs5 years ago (edited)


Hi steemians all comrades in arms, though another direction but one goal, i @nasrul71 invite all friend to moderate vote for @surpassinggoogle because he needs our help all @surpassinggoogle who always give us his vote is trying to dialogue with us,
We can help him by joining on steemgigs on discord / Friday 20th, april 2018, for stemit growth talks, at,


And we can also help it in #steemgigs or #witness-category by making it a witness by and type steemgigs in the first search box ,,,
Okay all friends, especially in Indonesia let us together support #steemgigs make @surpassinggoogle as a witness to our success. Thank you,



Absolutely every one gonna join that discord, cant wait for that discord :D

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