STEEMGIGS : i will do Translation from English to Indonesian, and offering you as a Guide tour FOR FREE if you visited Medan City, Indonesia

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And as my support to @surpassinggoogle I am campaigning to my friends, family and fellow Steemians to vote @steemgigs as a witness.

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Nice 👍

wow wanna visit Indonesia someday , thanks for the friendly offer and gig dear @mesikelsembiring

Yes,thank u @steemit-fairy
Come to Indonesia, there are many beautiful place that ii ccan show you :)

wow thanks for invitation my friend :)

wow this is vriliant art for @steemgigs. i am also love @steemgigs so very much. @surpassinggoogle he is the man of our idle. he makes a platfrom for every one. Thanks a lot from my heart.

@surpassinggoogle sir you are a genious. You can fulfill our dreams.

We also support @surpassinggoogle. He is a good man.

Yes,he is.

Woooooooahhh! This is a great offer :) a free translation from english to indonesian. Hope you can teach me the basics :) you have a nice artwork there :) lets support @steemgigs for Sir Terry :).

Thank you so much.
I will teach you someday :)

What kind of Indonesian language? ahm it is BIHASA? Ouh thats cool, free tour? thats nice man,, Indonesia also is a good place to visit!


Nice to see your post. Keep it up and well done.

Thank you :)

Nice post.. I love you [email protected]

Nice, I love you @surpassinggoogle

That will really solve the issue if language barrier..... Very thoughtful of you.

nice :)

Please can somewhere explain how this steemgigs of a thing works? I'd really like to be part of the project, at least as a way of supporting @surpassinggoogle for his sincere contribution to the growth of this community(steemit).

I find the sweetness in your writing.
You are an outstanding personality.