What’s The Best Thing That Happened To You Because Of Steemit?

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Before being in Steemit I had a mask on. I wore a facade of success and strength because it was expected of me. I had a great career, lots of friends, supported charities and volunteered my time in helping the poor, the abused and the mentally troubled. 

[From Unsplash - Tom Roberts]

My social media profile would show only the good things. The fun times, the achievements met and the food ate. I was living the picture perfect life framed by the filter of Instragram's need to be beautiful. 

Little did I know how this constant lying to myself would lead me to the worst depression episode I would have.

It started with some problems at work, to several issues I had with people, to losing a substantial amount of money and a general feeling of being trapped in a loveless relationship. 

There were days that I would get up and just have the urge to just go back to bed. I was robotic at work as I would put the biggest smile I can muster and radiate positivity because it was expected out of me. Inside I was empty,

I was a rock that people used to keep them level. A foundation of strength and so I could not really show any signs of weaknesses. I was a great actor that could fake positivity in the midst of turmoil. So no one knew what I was going on. 

It was during one of those lucid intervals in between being asleep and awake that I resolved to do it. It set forth a series of events that I would plan and execute with the cold precision of going through a process map. A checklist of things to do.

My shrink had not given up on me and as a last ditch plan she told me to start writing again. Late October my account was finally up and made 5 cents on my introduceyourself post. Woohoo! I was off to a great start!

Money was just a bonus and there I was writing one bad poem after another, creating dark fictions of suffering and madness and even zapples of my pain. I did not really expect anyone to respond to me, because who would want to connect with a loser with barely no Steem Power.

And yet some people did. When I wrote about what a semicolon meant for me. It was as if the floodgates opened and people started to respond and care.

<img src="">

That was just amazing, people started caring and providing hope and understanding. People who had gone through the same thing talked to me and made me feel safe for the first time.

Steemit made me open my eyes and take off the mask that I wore. It no longer needed to be worn as people saw my vulnerability not as a weakness but as an opportunity to help out.

I met some pretty amazing people who made me grateful of their support and understanding. They were healing me with their presence and hope, Filling me with their meager positive energy. That is the thing when you give that out it never really leaves you but just helps replenish those who need it the most.

Steemit gave me a sense of community as daily I would engage and support people who were undergoing the same thing that I have gone through.

Steemit gave me a renewed purpose to read people and help them through their sufferings. To make people feel that they are never alone that life is beautiful when we remove our facades and become true to ourselves and to other people.

That is the beauty of what Steemit can do for one person who in the darkest chapter of their life, saw a spark that would eventually lead to community building and caring for another person. It is only when we give that we receive more.

So I want to continue writing in Steemit. Continue to inspire and motivate people that we can be our most awesome version here.

Inspire on.

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Isn't it great to be able to breath?
I would have conversations with people, deep conversations about emotions, how the world works, how people are and more. Talking with people around my age at the time and looked at me like I was nuts. I started feeling like I was fake, coming up with things that did not exist and what people shouldn't be feeling. That was city life. I talked to someone that was quite older with me and conversations of the types would just naturally flow out of me. They would just listen really and almost not even blink... Then I would start thinking again that I am nuts and shame myself for talking again. But one elderly woman told me, without having an reply to the things I said, just told me that I was wise beyond my years. That was 10 years ago. I never did well in crowds. I couldn't hide my emotions too well but I was able to hide myself.

Only these past couple years with the grace of 2 dear friends and then Steemit, can I start opening up again and tapping in those conversations and feelings I had so many years ago.
Steemit is a miraculous thing :)
Glad to have found you here. <3


Indeed FS it is great to be able to breathe and explore the world of Steemit.

I would have conversations with people, deep conversations about emotions, how the world works, how people are and more.

This is one the things that I really like about steemit where I can talk to people about all different things.

Only these past couple years with the grace of 2 dear friends and then Steemit, can I start opening up again and tapping in those conversations and feelings I had so many years ago.
Steemit is a miraculous thing :)

I love this line FS and indeed we are able to open up again.


That's a very interesting point. The people that are in your immediate real life are likely not to have such a variety, and with online platforms you really can find a community that is in alignment . Cool!


Yep, it is as though I am the black sheep of my family although a lot of them are the wolves in sheeps clothing.


Just had the same thought after reading the comment of @foxyspirit - we really live in an interesting time, where you can find compassion and matching soulmates more easily on a virtual platform than in real life;-)


This is true, and lately I found out that it is possible to have more than 1 soulmate. Imagine that!

I can't stop reading any of your post because it's always full of inspiration gives me more reasons to keep fighting hard on this platform. You have already changed a lot of heart including me keep up the great work dear friend.


Thank you Godsngh1 we have to be the best version of our self. Just keep writing in steem and unlock your potential.

Wow! this is a great testimony @maverickinvictus. Steemit is a blessing. Steemit has stirred my writing talent. Steemit gives me a push to impact my world daily. With steemits, I am begining to make indelible marks in the blockchain. Indeed, #steemitisbeautiful


Thank you so much Uyobong and indeed Steemit has been a blessing to a lot of people. It has also rekindled my love for writing and I enjoy replying to all comments I get.

I am really happy when I get comments like this and it just inspires me to write more.

I agree Steemit is beautiful.


Thank you. Keep making the great posts, we won't be tired of giving good comments. It's my pleasure

I really needed to read your post right now @maverickinvictus as I'm in a process of remembering and accessing my integrity, my inner experience of coming home to myself. This process feels like being both the explorer and the uncharted territory. I was well practiced at looking outside of myself to fix what's going on inside. The moment I feal fearful or insecure I want to get rid of it somehow. This often shows up in compulsive behaviour and addiction to self help programs. I'm still not ready to show up fully on steemit but your posts and the sharing of your story keep me inspired and motivated to stay active on steemit - so thanks for sharing:-)


I too was like that in a lot of ways. You combine low self esteem + superman/messiah complex of wanting to save everyone, then the fear of looking weak, and appearing to always be the man with the plan and the shoulder to cry on that led to a behaviour that was difficult for me to sustain.

You will have you own time, your own pace and there will be no rush for you to show everything.

Thank you for saying that I inspire and motivate you, this really helps me pass the energy forward to people and try to keep inspiring on that even with all our flaws and weaknesses, we are still awesome.

MAVEEE you killing me with that post! I love it! It's so relatable as well. It just seems like we think the same, and experience the same things.The fact that I can be myself on Steemit, is probably the best that happened to me, too.

I've always had problems socialising and dealing with people. Always feeling awkward and out of place. But I decided that it is ok - if awkward is who I am, then that's who I am! (if that makes sense?). In this platform, I can write my feeling and experiences without being judged. Actually, the opposite. Everyone is so supportive. :) Thank you for another great post!


JULI!!! Thank you so much that you like my post! You are one of those people that also inspire me with the things that you write about.

I agree that being ourselves in Steemit is the best thing that happened as we are able to unlock and explore our talents :)

I'm mostly introverted as well except when I need to be the face of HR and be in front and so need to use the HR voice and face hahaha but I'm more happy on the background cheering people on.

Always feeling awkward and out of place. But I decided that it is ok - if awkward is who I am, then that's who I am! (if that makes sense?)

But you are quicky and awesome!! It is not only I that see that.

Yes I love how people are just supportive and caring.

In Steemit I have truly become a global citizen, a person who embraces the whole of humanity regardless of race, color, nation, beliefs or religion and socio-political inclinations.

The people on this platform are genuine and caring. The community feeling you describe above is something I did not experience prior to my journey here. You are an inspiration and I am glad to "hear" that you will continue to write. And yes, it feel so liberating to show the real you!


I know I have been into several blogging platforms and the amount of engagement and the money is just a bonus here is just awesome.

The community has been nothing short of being great with how much care and support that you experience.

I am blown away by it.


Hugs, Mav! I am so proud of you!


I am glad :) It was painful when I didn't know what happened to you and I am glad that you are back. You know you will always have me by your side and support you as once you did to me.

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