#STEEMGIGS: I Will Proofread and Edit Your Post

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Here at my steem gig, I strongly believe I have an above average ability to enhance your post(s) through proper punctuation and a restructuring of sentences to create a more fluid post for your followers. I believe with my help you will also have a better chance at attracting more viewers. If you would like a clearer idea of my work/writing/editing, you can transparently see for yourself by looking over my own posts on my personal steemit page (@lionsmane). Simply put, I want to (and believe that I can) help you say what you want to say in the best manner possible.


PLEASE NOTE: the price is dependent upon the length and amount of work needed. I don't think it would be reasonable to give the same treatment (as far as price goes) to a 10 page post as one with only 2-3 paragraphs. When you first disclose your post to me, I will assess it and then provide you with a total. You will then purchase the steem gig for its listed price and send the remainder directly.

Price: Starting at 16 STEEM
Delivery: 0 day(s) 5 hour(s)


  • Must be fluent in English. I only speak English. If you are unable to speak and write in English, you would be better off seeking help from a translator.
  • Must be a serious buyer. Please decide ahead of time if you are truly looking for an editor so we are not misusing each other's time for such a small fee. (Otherwise, I'm happy to help).
  • Must understand I'm here for the purpose of editing and proofreading only. I cannot give you content for you to use for poems and stories, etc. otherwise it's no longer your work. I can help a little, but it just depends what exactly you're asking of me.
  • DELIVERY TIME: Must understand that I will have other responsibilities in real life (job, etc), therefore my delivery time will fluctuate. Generally, I'd imagine you will have significantly faster delivery time in the evening (U.S. central time). Some posts, I can get to probably even within the hour in which you ask for my help.

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Great idea! I thought about offering a service like this, but I just wouldn't have the time right now with all I've got going on.


Yeah, I don't expect much traffic at all, especially being a minnow, but you never know

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This sounds much better than a browser plugin that sends all my keyboard input to the Ukraine!

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