#STEEMGIGS: (TIL(Today I Learned)) — I Learned On How To Connect and To Do The Transformer Banking.

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The supervisor of Cepalco Energy Services & Trading Corporation was allowing all the OJT`s to experience as a Line man or Line Crew. I was so nervous to climb the pole because it was my first time to experience so it was normal to feel that way. I was done working my 8 hours today(May 5,2018) saturday. Anyways,I was done connecting a transformer banks together with my classmates and also other On-the-Job-Training students from other school. I was so happy because I knew already on how to do the transformer banks base on the configuration either Delta- Connected or Wye-Connected.A Delta or Mesh connection has a 3 phases connection as a Triangle in form. A Wye(Y) or Star Connection has all the 3 loads connected at a single point or neutral point.

I know that you cannot relate to my blog while you are reading this but I am just sharing my learnings and experiences about working in this kind of field. I want to share with you steemians about my lifestyle and other stuffs/ things to do everyday. I want to share to others about my knowledge and experiences to this blog site.

We need electricity to our community and the entire world.Electricity is just the presence and also flows of an electric charge or the flow of electrons through conductors such as copper wires/ magnetic wires..

A three phase transformer that connects together the 3 single phase transformers are so called as the transformer banks or transformer banking.

This is the picture of Distribution Transformer. You can see this transformer in the street. There are 4 common types of three-phase transformer . We have the wye to wye connection, delta to delta connection, wye to delta connection , and delta to wye connection. Students will be determined the voltage, current, and also phase relationships between the primary and also secondary windings of a 3 phase transformer banking.

We need to practice the connection Open Delta and Wye Connection. We connect the delta or Wye connection in order to get the required output voltage of either 240Volts or 480Volts and also 110 Volts. I cannot give more details about the transformer banks connection because it was prohibited to the company. 

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Wow! Kudos! Unlike me, I'm sacred of heights. I can never climb that ladder


fight your fear ,..eheheh i was so nervous that day but it was okay , try to accept the experience .. I followed you ! Thanks for your reply . Hope follow me back @ammyluv


Happy for you.. I follow you😊


thank you .. i will follow you too.

Please am aving issue wih my boyfriend and u cant sleep right now.please advice me on wat to do


Be open-minded both of you, when you are encountered conflicts with your boyfriend. I think it was your pride or your boyfriend`s pride hope both of you will prevent and minimize that . And talk to your problem . And lets have PEACE! I followed you ! hope you follow me back ! THAnk you .

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thank you for your support . A big thanks

Is that not small transformer?Jesus.you have mind oo.you are not eveb afriad if climbing to that extend.me i cant oo.electricity is life.nice job @labgo


i think it is around to 3ft to measure this kind of transformer.. YES , it is important to our lives to have an electricity to our community or even our house.. I was doing my best to fight my nervous and be careful to my actions. I followed you . Hope you followed me back :)

@labgo Great work brother, you see that you are learning a job that has its risks but that saved many in the future. Thank you for sharing with the community.

Wow, please take care Sir, your so brave. Its not an easy job but you made it. :) God bless


yES . tHANKS TO YOU @ruby06. i fight to my fear . Yes it is not an easy job but i salute to this kind of job as I experienced as a line man for 1 day .it was not an easy job. @ruby06 . Done to follow you . Hope you follow me back !


Im done following you Sir :)

Looks like quite the experience! A great opportunity. Be safe.


Yes. I was safe and careful to my actions. Thanks for your concern @sequentialvibe. I already followed you . Hope you follow me back.

You have a purpose on this earth you deliver a electricity in every household take care always


Yes . EXactly. it is important to have an electricity to entire world. Thanks for your concern . @blaogao

To see your pictures i felt afraid to my brother, hes going to go for ojt too same as u.

i like this post. because safety must and safety first. our first priority is safety.


Yes . We used PPE which means Personal Protective Equipment . We used belt,hard hat, safety shoes and gloves

Be careful whenever you climb up of that pole and keep the good posts up!


Thank you. Actually ,We used PPE which means Personal Protective Equipment . We used belt,hard hat, safety shoes and gloves

Being an electrical engineer is a great feeling bro, keep up the good job


Soon to be an engineer bro..


Then do have a safe and smooth journey