Roman girls have their own version of Barbie

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In ancient Rome, girls used to get married when they were 12. While their childhood did not last long, they kept playing with toys. One of them, as found in the late 19th century, was a wooden doll. Found in a sarcophagus that belonged a girl named Crepereia Tryphaena, and he lived in the 2nd century Rome. As we can see, he has a certain resemblance to Barbie in modern times. However, he lacks the ideal dimensions of modern Barbie, has a slightly rounded stomach and wide hips . A small box full of clothes to wrap the doll was also found in the sarcophagus.


Roman women get a good education

The education of women in ancient Rome is a rather controversial question. Most girls are taught basic reading and writing in school. However, some families want their daughters to gain wider knowledge, and hence they hire private tutors for grammar and Greek lessons The reason is to make a girl a friend who is literate and attractive to her husband, thus making her more influential.


Greek women play "jack"

Women in Greece enjoy different games, and among them is a game called "knucklebone" (astragalos), which is similar to a modern "jack". The game involves throwing "knucklebones" into the air and catching as many as possible in one hand as they fall. The "knucklebones" are sheep or goat anklebones or models made of ivory, bronze, or terracotta.


Roman girls wearing bikinis

As depicted in this mosaic from the 4th century AD, found in Sicily, ordinary Roman girls wear something very similar to a modern bikini.And it looks so fashionable! It is amazing how progressive the ancient Romans were.


Roman women are quite athletic

The same mosaic shows that Roman women also love sports. This modern dumbel prototype looks very impressive. In ancient Rome, women had many recreational activities and a rich social life.



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