#STEEMGIGS: I will make a design for your customize tags for bags

in steemgigs •  9 months ago


I am an amateur graphic artist know how to do  basic photo editing, making  logo and other designs.

I can make a design according to your request with good quality images and not pixilated in result.

I can maintain the crisp of images then  make it more vibrant and enticing to eye.


designs will be delivered within 24 hours and each design cost 1 sbd that includes front and back design.

Price: Starting at 1 SBD

Delivery: 1 day(s) 24 hour(s)


your personal request if you have desired designs.

any additional images from your request.

sending of payment should be done first  before the making of request.

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Ayos to bro kumukitang kabuhayan.