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Hi there fellow steemians! I made this simple art using egg to promote STEEMGIGS. Vote for it as your witness now! This is initiated by our very own Terry Ajayi or also called as @surpassinggoogle. Indeed, he has influence steemit community so much because of his generousity and support to every Filipino steemians here in the Philippines. He has really a big heart to help and support everyone.

He do really surpassed every hearts of Filipino :) And we are really thankful for it gives us hope to steem on even in every ups and downs.



My art looks seem a bit scary but that drops of tears was a tear of joy shed from that eye. I was really amazed at how steemians showed their talents in arts and writings because of @steemgigs. Different stories in life being shared by everyone.

“If you are really thankful, what do you do? You share.”

– W. Clement Stone

This was absolutely what STEEMGIGS do. They share.

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This is very beautiful. Thank you very much.
We send a tear of joy.

Wao, this concept is lovely. Thanks for showing love for @steemgigs

muy original para promocianar steemit

How creative! This made me smile at how ingenious we filipinos are.