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Earlier this day, I saw the post of @jasalem about TIL challenge so this post is about my entry to this contest.

Learnings of Today

I have just finished the 13th episode of the anime series :The Seven Deadly Sins. As I was searching for the next episode of the movie,I accidentally clicked the google’s image toolbar and saw an image of Meliodas,one of the leading characters of the said movie.


To tell you about what I learned about Meliodas is that he really is a forgiveful man eventhough his friend Ban attempted to kill him in order for Ban’s lover to resurrect. After Ban’s attempt of killing Meliodas, Meliodas, without hesitation, quickly accepted Ban and as if nothing happened.

I was touched by Meliodas’ personality and how he can manage to quickly forgive a person who’s trying to kill him just in the sense that he loves that person.

We really have that manner of easily forgiving our loved ones because we don't want to lose them,can be our friends, family and other relationships. Without hesitation,we always forgive them even if they do it several times. Because of our love to them and the fear of losing them, we just disregard the pain and the scars they brought, forget it and then forgive them.

But there are also times when we find it very hard in forgiving them. It comes to a point when we no longer trust that person and never accept his or her forgiveness. Yet, it is evident that the more easily we forgive that person, we can easily be free from our hatred and anger.

Our grudges will only worsen the situation and will hurt us more and we get annoyed and offended for so long. It may come to a point that we think of revenging to that person and hurt that person in any way.

Yes, often times, when someone hurts us, all we think is how to get even and let them feel the pain that they have caused you. In that manner, what satisfaction can you get from having revenge? It only worsens the situation and might let the other person fight back and the cycle repeats.

No matter how big or deep the damage is we must still forgive that person. Nobody said it was easy. I did not say that we must quickly forgive but what I mean is that we must let the scars and the pain heal little by little and if you have recovered then why not forgive that person. Forgive them whole-heartedly and leave no remaining bits of hatred. Forgive them to you can let go and move on with your life.Leave the hurts and hatreds in the past but bring the lessons that you learned.

That’s what I learned today guys. Hope you also learned from me.

Shoutout also to those anime lovers and those who are watching “The Seven Deadly Sins”.

Have a nice day everyone!!!!

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I never watched the Seven deadly sins but I believe there are always a lot hidden lessons inside all stories which can teach us a lot. Like here, sometimes you just have to move your pride away if the person is worth it.


I recommend you to watch this ,haha :)
Yes, we just have to take away our pride and forgive the person..


Maybe I will back in Holland, but I have such a big list of things to watch and to do left.. I always get so addicted to this kind of things haha


HAHAAHA :) Good luck to your trip :)

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