#STEEMGIGS: I will build a website for your business or bring your app idea to life

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  • Do you need a website for your business. I have what it takes, the experience, to build for you with a high conversion?
  • Do you have an app idea you will like to bring to life, let's talk about it

I will build your website to your specification and deliver on time.

Why should you choose me?

I have over 4 years experience building app on Web and Mobile using technologies like HTML/CSS/Javascript/Jquery/VueJS/NodeJS/Express/Socket.io/electron and so on.

So don't look further, I am the right man for the Job

## Pricing ----
  • I will build a Standard Responsive Website for 25 STEEM
  • I will build a Standard Responsive Website with a contact form and 2 other custom widgets for 30 STEEM
  • You want me to bring that app idea to live, let's talk via my discord or comment box here

Price: Starting at 25 STEEM

Delivery: 1 day(s) 1 hour(s)


Serve me with;

  • All necessary details
  • Your preferred colour theme
  • Logo and branding details
  • other necessary details you will like to share with me to make the project a sucess

If you don't mind, I will upload the website/web application to your favorite hosting provider or cloud hosting service (AWS, Digital Ocean, Vultr, Azure or Google Cloud Platform)




this post was made on #STEEMGIGS

"where everyone has something to offer"


The sky is your starting point bro

Nice one bro; I'll definitely hit you up whenever am in need of such services.

thanks so much, I'll look forward to giving you a remarkable experience in future

Why not start with #how-to's and #tutorials first? Adopt a community and learn the ropes from them. You'll be great here. 😊

Well, as much as this post is real, it is a test from an app in development.
I have great plans for the community but have issues with approval from @utopia-io
they don't always approve my posts.

Those will come later

Great opportunity to everyone specially for us newbies.

Goodluck and have a blast.

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