HardFork Series: Call for Extras!

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Hello Steemit Community!

We’re looking for extras and background actors to appear in our @hardfork-series Trailer. If you’re in New York city and would like to take part in our exciting project, let us know!

The casting is open for people from all ethnicities and will take place in New York City on the days of Monday October the 16th, and Tuesday October the 17th.

As many of you know, we have started to film the first teaser trailer of our Crypto Noir series HardFork which we will screen at Steemfest 2.

If you want to be part of the trailer, send us a message below and we’ll get you on the call sheet.

Or if you prefer you can send an email to Gillian who is heading up our extras casting at:
gilliancrawford1 (at) gmail.com.

Looking forward to seeing you behind the camera!

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Great opportunity right here...too bad I'm many miles away from New York. But I'm eagerly waiting to watch the series.

Maybe there will be another web-based casting as well? Keep posted and maybe an opportunity will open up ;)

This would be really cool! So wish I was in the NYC area to participate! I hope everyone who can will get in on this!

Just do it.png

Thank you! :) We will have a web based one to include all steemians :)

I'm no where near there, but there has to be many willing Steemit folks out there wanting to take part.

We will also probably launch some web-casting to include all steemit members who want to take part but who cannot make it to NY on those dates.

Haha that's a cool one!

resteemed. maybe you can help find

Thanks a lot! We appreciate it :)

I wish I lived in New York! Great opportunity here it seems thanks for sharing @hardfork-series

Thanks Warren! We may have another casting that isn't geographically dependent :)

Thanks @hardfork-series I really hope so ! :)

Looking forward to the series launching. I have been surveying many local millennials (Detroit Metro Area) and found many are not a wear of the crypto movement. Hopefully this series will rocket the crypto world forward.

Any filming planned for Lisbon?

We have some pretty cool stuff planned in Lisbon :) We'll keep you posted! :)

Good to see steady progress...

Curious, when will You be releasing the Teaser Trailer for Steemians not able to attend Steemfest 2 ?

Thanks 4 creating this Film Noir Series... could really wake UP the general public to STEEM & Bitcoin...

Cheers !!

Yes of course, we will release it right after steemfest to all steemians who are not be able to attend. :)

Who wouldn't want a little feeling of stardom--even for a few seconds? Wish i was in NYC to take part. Good luck with the people search!

Haha right? We will probably have another web based casting since a lot of fellow steemians who showed interest cannot make it to NYC. Thanks by the way!

i follow u please follow me sir...........

Sorry I won't be able to make it, but if you ever need a crusty old, tobacco spittin Texas cowboy look no further , I am your man!
Until next time,

Makes me want to be in New York.
Just also wondering if putting the e-mail address in code will help. May as well try here.
[email protected]

Oh yay.... proven. 😎

@unityeagle we should tell momack about this.