#STEEMGIGS: I will guide Steemians how to post on GoogleDocs

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This is a great way to store data for very important documents that you can edit anytime or submit a particular file in a group chat that only a particular person can see it without anybody can be able to edit the files. 

Google docs are also shareable to any other social media site to post all your crypto-currency rerral links that most of the times are being banned by facebook and twitter.

Here are the steps

On Google Chrome or google search, please type Google Docs.

Log in using your google account.

Then folow these steps:


Then start writing


Folow this procedure if you need to insert an image to your file.


[image source]()

Copy and paste the link underneath the image 


when you are done, click share.


changesettings of whoevre will see it later after clicking.


Rename the file wih your Title that you will use on a social platform to submit.


Follow these steps


Add a note after entering the email addresses of the people you need to submit the docs with.

then you're done.

You can also generate a shareable link afterwards


don't forget to click copy link and press done.



Free of charge.

the post itself is already step-by-step

Just send 0.001 Steem to acknowledge the purchase or the service once you see this post.

Price: Starting at 0.001 STEEM

Delivery: 0 day(s) 0 hour(s)


its for everyone!

Yes it is for everyone!

Thiss particular guide is for seemitpowerupph for our upcoming content submision program to ensure the stability of the community's posting capability as we gather more and more writers for this program to succeed.

Thank you for cooperating.

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Wow this was so informative..by the way i was thinking of posting about the same thing...glad youve well explained it more than i could.


Thanks for dropping by.

Great ! Very informative and helpful. Described very well!!


Thank you! :) We are having a content submission program.


Ohh really ! That's cool . Detail about this ?


Please check out @steemitpowerupph posts about this please. Thanks.


Thank you too.

Here is the better version.
I have used steemit for this. No need to upvote guys. Thank you. I am still getting the hang of it using steemgigs platform.


thanks for your informative post


You're welcome!