Support 'STEEMGIGS'-Everyone has something to offer

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Why do I want to support 'Steemgigs'?
And why do you need to support 'Steemgigs' too?

Simply because, they believe in us, they believe in our talents, and they believe that everyone (every Steemian) has something to offer!!!

The above words aren't a joke!
This is all, i want it to represent. Thus, i wanted the "steemgigs witness" to stand up there as a symbol, incessantly inspiring and reminding "everyone" regardless of what the world thinks, that there is a shot for everyone. -@surpassinggoogle #steemgigs

the photo is mine and made by me

The aim of 'STEEMGIGS' is world adjustments.

Example platforms:
-teardrops (smart media tokens)
-untalented sing-song

As we can see, many Steemians were out of their shells and showing off their talents and what they've got. Thousands of Steemians already made and still making their entries and comments from these.

So, let's all vote 'Steemgigs' as our witness.
Just simply click this and type 'steemgigs'
or if you want @surpassinggoogle to make the voting decision on your behalf then, please type 'surpassinggoogle' as proxy on the second box.

or you can just easily click this and one-click vote for 'steemgigs'
my screenshots

In this particular post, i wanted to speak of the human behind the "steemgigs" witness. It is not one human; "it has been me and you all along!"
I believe in each one too, thus, for witness-votes, i wouldn't seek a whale's witness-vote more than i would, a minnow's witness-vote because each one is whale to me.-@surpassinggoogle

You might be whale, dolphin or minnow but your vote counts.
Let's all give back the unconditional love that we received form our Christian Brother Terry a.k.a. @surpassinggoogle by supporting him.
I assure you, it's worth it.!!

I and my husband support 'STEEMGIGS'.
Aside from voting 'steemgigs' as my witness, it also became part of my life..

We actually planned to just visit the beach early morning last Wednesday..
But, while walking on the seashore and taking views for my Steemit blog, we noticed beautiful and many shells.

download (4).png
photo is mine

So, I and my husband decided to pick them up.
I wrote on the sand,

"I love Steemit"

and filled with the shells.
Here's the result!!!
*include my sunburn on my shoulders,hehe!!!
But, so happy to finally finished it...
download (8).png

photos are mine

Simple effort and contribution to support "STEEMGIGS" and @surpassinggoogle.
I hope you like it.:)
Again, thanks for everything..
I and my husband, owe you our success...

Thanks to all Steemians out there too, who support "STEEMGIGS"

download (11).png


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You're so creative, you made this with effort, steemgigs deserves our fully support

Full support for steemgigs..

Wow very creative promoting @steemgigs @supassinggoogle

Thank you sis.
It only proves that @steemgigs and @surpassinggoogle affected our daily lives in a good way.

soo true actually i agree with you and i am also in favour and full support of steemgigs!

Thank you so much @akashhasan.
I'm so thankful to you and to every steemians here.:)

Very well said. I myself support the vision and mission of steemgigs. In this little way, we can support them to build better future in this platform. Good job for both of you and your husband.

Thanks for that ate @juwel.
Let's all support steemgigs

Nice way of promoting steemgigs sis :) and the effort is priceless!

That's actually a simple way of showing gratitude ate..

I appreciate the effort you put into making this piece to show your support. If only I am able, this is worth the @teardrops smt tokens initiated by @surpassinggoogle. I could only upvote on this post to show my support to you and to steemgigs.

minnows,dolphin and whale votes are well appreciate ate @yadah04.
It means a lot to me. and we are all Steemians who wants the success of everyone.:)
thanks ate.

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steemgigs deserves our support and offer.. good job dear keep it up.. please do check out my offer to steemgigs here ..

I feel that we connect to each other because of steemgigs..
Yes I will check that and upvote. Keep in touch

What an effort sis.

Yes sis.. actually this is just small effort compare to everything that steemgigs and @surpassinggoggle gave me.

great work we have to follow the footsteps of people like @surpassinggoogle. he brought about the initiative of the tear drops

Yes, we all need to follow footsteps of Brother Terry, he's been an inspiration and a good example to all Steemians.!!!

This is a good way to support @surpassinggoogle.
Good job madam:-)

I appreciate steemgigs a lot and @surpassinggoogle.. for their unconditional love and this is just a simple contribution

This is a real effort =)
Thank you for sharing this with us ..

Thank you so much @micch.
But, to tell the truth, I felt like, it's just only simple and small compare of what's @surpassinggoogle doing to help us..

Oh yes, I strongly agree with you =)
We are not here on this platform without @surpassinggoogle..
Thanks to him for introducing steemit here in the Philippines :)

I can feel that you are also one that @surpassinggoogle helped and keep helping all the way,like i right @micch

yes of course @franbel :)

I know that @surpassinggoogle is one of our witness winner because of kindness and very supportive to us. we must thankful for his presence in steemit community and supporting us in our way to steemit

I agree with you.
@surpassinggoogle is very kind and generous to us.
He's making Steemit a real success.. thanks to him.

This is a nice way to cheer up steemians to vote steemgigs as their witness or choosing @surpassinggoggle as their proxy.

Yes sis.. just want to share a little for steemgigs.
So that many steemians will be inspire to offer their talents.

thank you for teaching me on how to vote.
Thanks for this post.

my pleasure and you are welcome..

I can see how you give effort on giving comments to each one of us.
I hope for your success.

Awesome post thanks

Thanks too..
I appreciate you to for dropping by on my post and upvoting it and make effort to gave comment to me.

I support it to be more advanced

Thank you @afkar86, because we both support the same person and also the same witness.

Thanks for sharing the art or drawing by the sea. Unbelievable that pics is real. Thanks to @surpassinggoogle for creating #steemgigs

Yes, it's real @richgang. We've made it to show simple contribution for steemgigs.

Good job my friend

Thank you so much and keep in touch.

this is so lovely so beautiful so creative.
God bless you sister for your support and dedication to @steemsecrets @steemgigs @teardrops and @surpassinggoogle

Thank you so much @chiama for appreciating our work.
My husband helped me to do this..:)

Wow, great effort there! I like the creativeness that you'd been done to promote Steemit and @steemgigs. Good job...

Thanks for commending me and also for appreciating our effort.

Yeah, this post is awesome and very creative, thanks for endorsing steemgigs, I have already voted for @steemgigs, but if I hadn't, this post would have made me vote for him instantly.

I'm so happy to hear that fromyou @cadawg..
Yes, let's support Steemgigs..

Wow you're so creative, keep it up. Let's go and be in one harmony to support @steemgigs by @surpassinggoogle.

hmmm.. with the help of my husband sis.:)
but,anyway thank you so much.:)

Your always welcome :)

You're [email protected] What more can I do after getting so much conviction if not to support @steemgigs? Thanks for taking your precious moment in engaging that awesome husband of yours and your sense of creativity is superb! Thanks again and keep up the good work! @steemgigs needs all our support, let's render it!

to tell the truth, I also appreciate you for giving such long comment.
And of course, I agree with you that we all need to support steemgigs as well.:)
Thank you so much.:)

Amazing........ Interesting your post. @franbel

thanks a lot and hoping that you'll vote steemgigs too

Already supporting @steemgigs and I also want the new steemians also support the #steemgigs and @surpassinggoogle as witness. This post will help newbies to reach them, thanks my friend!

You're welcome and thanks too.:)

I will support steemgigs.

thanks steemitjean for supporting steemgigs

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