#STEEMGIGS: I will make a notebook / notebook layout for you. :)

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So, I've been thinking so much about what I can offer to others so that I could also make a post here in Steemgigs.

I've been thinking and thinking and thinking...

And then I asked my boyfriend,

"What are we good at?"

And then he told me, "You are good in making notebook and calendar layouts."

At first, I am not so sure about it and I am kind of hesitant but I was thinking and thought to myself, "I can do it!" And that is why I am writing here now. :) :)

So, if you want to have a personalized notebook, I can help you with that!!! I can make a layout for you and you can just put them together. And also, if you would like me to make it, we can talk about how I can ship it to you. :)

Having personalized things are really cool. You can use it for your journals. Or, you can also have it to give as a gift to someone special. :) :)


About the pricing, it will depend if you just want to have a layout or if you want me to make it and ship it to your location. :)

Price: Starting at 2 SBD

Delivery: 2 day(s) 0 hour(s)


You just have to give me instructions as to how you like it to be. If you want it to be kind of like a chic look, or you want to have it vintage, it's all up to you. :)

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Yup. :) I always do. :)