#STEEMGIGS: I will translate your text in French.

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With the help of Google translate, I will translate your text from English to French, or from Spanish to French. I am correcting the result of Google translate in plain natural French, my native language.

Make a post with your text that need to be translated, we never know, you can earn enough Steem to pay for the translation !


Pricing is computed function of the number of page you want to translate. I will request 300 Steem per page. (at today’s price of 0,30 cts/steem! )

Price: Starting at 100 STEEM

Delivery: 2 day(s) 0 hour(s)


The text to be translated have to be posted in a Steem post or can be send by mail, doc and pdf accepted. I can send your translation in the reply or on wiki.

You can contact me on Discord with the same ID : chrisaiki or on telegram or by replying to one of my post.

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