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Jumia is a big online shopping mall in Nigeria, Jumia has everything you can ever need as an individual just like we have our normal supermarkets, shops etc we go to make our purchases. 


Unlike your normal market, Jumia transactions are online, it has a site where varieties of products are displayed with different sellers, you sit at home and place your order and it gets delivered at home without stress. 


As your sales consultant you have lots of benefits from our amazing daily offers which include :

* Guidance on choosing your preferred products Incase you have no idea of the best brands of products available online.

* You get 100% original items.

* I save you the stress of searching for items as i would do that for you.

* I save you from burning your data. 

* I ensure speedily delivery of your items at home.

* I help you slash your shipping fee by 25% once you make orders above ten thousand naira.

* Finally I save you the stress of walking down the market, under the hot sun or rain as you just sit at home and your orders are brought to you.

It's easy, fast and reliable. 


On Jumia, each product has a fixed price on it depending on what you want and the quantity needed.

Price: Starting at 1 SBD

Delivery: 3 day(s) 24 hour(s)


All you need to do is to contact me through phone call or on Whatsap and give me a clue of what you want and i will take up from there. 

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You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

Guidance on choosing your prefered products Incase you have no idea of the best brands of products available online.
It should be preferred instead of prefered.


Thanks for the observation!

Hi, I just followed and upvoted you :-)
Follow back and we can help each other succeed! @hatu

Consultant- I think I have seen a Jforce member