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This campaign of @steemgigs is quite useful. If we will do this everyday, I mean if we will end the day thinking of what we learned on the day, it will make living really worthwhile. Today I learned something and I decided to write in in poem. I hope you like it

The Glory of Suffering

Oh life thank you for the suffering
mild, difficult and impossible
it is the glory of living
I'm not masochist only in extol

Because of suffering I became mature
gracefull releasing my childish grandeurs
Because of sufferings, I realize blessings
normally rejected and supposed to be there
I become grateful for it and aware
Because of suffering, I admit that I am a social being
who needs caring, loving and enthusiasm
Because of suffering, I accomplish tasks I thought I can't do
realizing that I am good too
Because of suffering, I discover my hidden abilities and talents
enhance and channel them to God's favor and excellence
Because of sufferings, I became tough but open-minded
able to support and advice those unaided
Because of sufferings, I undergo trouble and burden yet I learn
and become a living proof that God governs
Because of suffering, I got over my limitations and overcome my weaknesses
and become an inspiration for the rest
Because of suffering, I got humiliated but I lost my pride
recognizing to Him I must abide
Because of suffering, I felt my God in His embrace
never thought it is ecstasy under His presence and grace
And because of suffering, I was brought to God's love and salvation
just like what Jesus did in His passion
If the Son of God wasn't exempted
who am I to be spared

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@beyonddisability, keep joining on surpassinggoogle's content creation contest and untalented, keep it up.