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Creating a post or commenting on people’s post and earning a reward in the form of upvote are interesting aspect of steemit. As a steemian, it can be quite frustrating when you painstakingly create a post for five consecutive days and all those posts ended up having zero view, zero comment and zero upvote till payout day. Those that have been in this situation in the past will understand the feelings. The feeling is definitely that of dejection, frustration and less motivation to do more.

 I have found myself in this situation in the past. Sometimes I made posts and doesn’t get a single upvote. I know some of my fellow that has abandoned their account due to the frustration of lack of visibility and upvote on their posts.

What to do:    


-DON’T STAY IN ISOLATION: For you to get consistent upvote on steemit, you need to socialize and reach out to other steemian by following them. You can’t stay in isolation and expect upvotes from people. Steemit is a community and you have to reach out to people in that community.

-EXPLORE THE POWER OF GROUP: explore the power of group by joining discord and steemit related community and make yourself visible and contribute to the group you belong. The group will be of help as you go along in go along the way. You stand a chance of having your post been upvoted, curated or resteemed by members of your group.

-BE CONSISTENT IN MAKING POST: One of the biggest secret of getting regular upvote is to be consistent in creating a valuable post and making an intelligent contribution on other people’s post. There is a popular saying that “the secret of an author’s getting more sales is by writing more books’.

CONTEST: Look out for contests and participate in them. You stand a chance of getting upvotes even if you don’t win the contest.

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Great steps.. Thanks for the share such a great and helpful information. Been there done that and feel the same way too of getting 0.00 upvotes and of course reaching out and having connection is a very big help and being active is also a big help (everything you mention is indeed a big help in here for us and for the community).. thanks again and God bless

Indeed they are succinct. Making a consistent habit of commenting and hanging around in groups is indeed a way to the top. I'll get there soon.

Thanks for reading.You will surely get there.

yes! seeing 0.00 upvotes can be so frustrating and discouraging but with persistence and right strategies you should start getting result. Thanks for reading.

I so like your post... I was smiling reading your words because I guess all of us had been there. It had been a very interesting journey for all of us but the future of each steemian is hold by the power of the platforms type which is social network. Socialization is a must so people would know you and I am slowly creeping into discord right now and be more seen! :)

I agree with this comment

Thanks for really.

Yes for those newbies these are very important tips. Writing quality post is really essential .

Plagiarism is an issues with newbies. writing a top notch post is a must if one want to succeed on steemit.

Really awesome thanks @surpassinggoogle

Thanks for stopping by.

Wow! Thank you for this motivational article. Your tips are so helpful, sometimes I feel frustrated of getting a 0.03 upvote. But the fighting spirit is still there!

Please keep up the spirit. Just re-strategies and you will never be disappointed.

yeah sir ...exactly we need to change ourself to increase a better solution.thank you sir.......to do anything.need to take some inspiration and do your job..
that's great to share.

Thanks for reading.

Wow,this is awesome,nice post and ideas,great work also from @surpassinggoogle

Thank for reading.

Thanks a lot sharing this inspirative post...


Thank you for inspiration.

Thanks for reading

That's true.. :) Interaction is the key :)

yes! very important. Thanks for reading.

You're welcome.. :) I love reading posts on steemit. Hehe :)

I couldn't agree with you more. this is very true and indeed patience is a virtue. slowly you will be able to learn and earn at the same time. :)

Thanks for reading.

@babazak70, Upvotes are the mainstay of the steemit platform. The good thing about it is that you will always have a payback of 25%. Great post.

Thanks for reading.

this is something i could be able to learn from. thanks for this

Thanks for reading.