My First Discord Experience - Steemgigs Talk Show

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Hello Steemians!

Last night's show was really a great experience. Started at around 11 PM. There was a show in steemgigs' discord which I joined. It was my first time to joined a talk show, and I don't have any idea how it goes. So I was shocked and got nervous when @sunnylife chose me to be the next one to speak,hahaha. I'm sorry about that, it was like having stagefright, I don't know what to say. hehe.

I just listened to some steemians questions and to sir @surpassinggoogle answers to those. I really admire how Sir Terry answer each questions, how he explains the beauty of blockchain, the purpose of the teardrops and Also the views of our fellow steemians.



There are many steemians present at the show, including reputable steemians like @sunnylife, @cinderz, @junebride, @michaelcabiles, @mermaidvampire, @maverickinvictus, @kennyroy, @fycee, @long888, @chinito, @bloghound and many more.
Some of my friends are also present like @saskia, @sn0white and my brother @dunkman.

I just felt bad 'coz I fell asleep, even if I drink coffee and eat lots of chocolates to stay awake, hehe. Maybe It's because I only have about 2-hour sleep the other night. Oh, 2-hour sleep is better than nothing,hehe. I was just thinking, how many hour of sleep sir Terry have each night:-).

Next time I'll make sure that I won't fall asleep, hehe.

For those who haven't join yet at @steemgigs' discord, you can join here:

Again thank you Sir Terry for the show!

@atongis ASAR
screenshots are mine

Connected with these wonderful steemians

@cutirenskei@katrinelaparan27 @goldwindeleon

To show some appreciation to the guy called @surpassinggoogle for his generosity & kindness,
Let’s support him as a witness by visiting and vote him,
type “steemgigs” at the first search box.
Or allow him to vote in your behalf visit
type "surpassinggoogle" in the second box as a proxy.

also a big thanks to @hr1 & @iyanpol12 for continuous support


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I feel so honored for the mention, thanks so much. It was a good first, we should have it more often. Good job to everyone who were there, most especially to SG. Thanks.

thank you @mermaidvampire :-)

Hehehe.. My first time too. So I just listened and learned many things from sir Terry.great experience

napatapos m ba?
pashare n lng,hehe

Ndi po kuya. Antok much na po ako.til 1am lang po ata ako.

haha parehas lng pala tau
mga ganun ding oras ako nakatulog

Sayang hindi ko alam. Na try ko sana. Hehe

pg may time, share ko sau sir

thanks for tagging me!

thanks also for recording some parts of the show:-)

:) yup. i was falling asleep at the end, too.. oh well, it was good. ur recap was good..

btw, i fogot to follow u yesterday, but now i am..

oh, thank you sir:-)

thank you sir @chinito:-)

btw, im following u now..

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Nakow, tinulugan talaga o. Hala ka! Hahaha.
Well, I hope next time it won’t be that late so people like me could be able to experience it too.

sorry na,haha

Haha. Sayang I couldn't join because of our internet connection was down..

may next time pa shula :-)

Buti pa kayo nakajoin. I hope I can join next time too. It's hard when time does not allow you to be in such a great talk.

I feel you sir, hehe
di bale po cgurado may susunod pa

Sana may recording at nilagay sa DSound. 😐

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

kay @junebride po @rainbowme
check nio po post nya or sa page ko po nakaresteem na po ung post nya
may shinare si madam na mga recordings :-)

Thanks! Check it out na.

I was there too.

where u?haha

Binigyan nyo sana ako ng chocolates din.

thank kapatid:)
ang ingay sa room nde ko gano marinig lahat haha
sana nxt time makapagsalita lahat.

tama po madam
salamat po:-)