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Politics and Societies: The Interactive Effect.

Can we separate Politics with Societies or Societies with Politics?

From my honest opinion, it seems to be impossible to separate Politics with Societies, and Societies with Politics, both coexist. A politician need Societies to play his politics while Societies need responsible, reliable, dependable, accountable, and dedicated Politicians so that to get valid dividend of Democracy for her survival. By simple analysis, we have evidenced to conclude that, there exist high positive correlation between Politics, and Societies which Signified an interactive effect.

For me, it’s incomplete, and unfair to discuss about Politics and Societies without proper understanding of it meanings.
 Politics, in the broadest sense, is the activity through which people make, preserved and amend the general rules under which they live.
 Lasswellia definition: is the process of who get what, when, and how.
Which implies, the process of allocating scarce resources.
 Aristotle defined Politics as ‘’practical science” because it dealt with making citizen happy. And he further explained, the rule of politicians to politics is to make laws or constitutions for the better of it citizen.
Society can also be define in the following ways:
 Society is the aggregate of people living together in more or less community.
 Society can also be define as a large group of people living together in an organized way, making decision about how to do things and sharing the work that need to be done.
The above listed are just a brief reminder of what politics and Societies are in respect with scholarly views.

With the present political revolution, there is exponential growth of youth participations in politics. Majority of our present youth that are going to politics are not fully informed about what it’s. Can we say this revolutionary changes without a defined goal will lead to fruitful Democracy? Or can it be a solutions to our National calamities? Sincerely no!. It is important to highlight some of the reasons why youth when to Politics. There are:

  1. Majority of the youth when to politics to acquire wealth, and solve their personal problems not for the purpose of providing healthy Societies.
  2. And also, for the purpose of gaining recognition for their personal interest.
  3. Other when to politics so as to be close to the prominent people in the Societies
  4. Some for the purpose of gaining employment.
  5. While, Some for of acquiring power to promote their interest. And so on.

It is obvious that, the above reasons can not bring healthy Societies because they are all about promotion of someone interest, not for the interest of larger societies. These are some of the reasons why an average Nigerian vote on sentiment. A situation where an average Nigerians vote on sentiment, is a situation that will lead a way for the looter to penetrate into our Politics, and promote negitive culture into our Societies. Any Society that produces unqualified candidate, will also received empty promises as return, and such society should not expect any benefit of leadership from such candidate.

Since there is high positive correlation between politics and Societies, the societies should derive a suitable model of electing credible candidate that will placed his peoples’ interest above his personal interest. For my advice as a Student of Statistics, variables such as honesty, accountability, reliability, tract records, and portfolio must be measures, and properly included into the model. If these variables are properly included into the model, there will be high probability of electing the desired candidate to govern. Anything contrary to this, will resulted to negitive effect on us and generation unborn.

I am urging Societies to re-modify her intentions of electing candidate into public offices by electing candidate base on merit not on the privileged few. Youth should go into politics not for their personal interest, but for the purpose of changing the system for better, and service for humanity.

Freedom is not voluntary given by the Oppressor it must be demanded by the oppress.

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