Animator Needed: Steemgig

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I would like to have an animation of my brand to place under my facecam. I would like to have the letters be rgb, but I can live with just multicolored letters. I want the letters to be like little mascots. I also want them fatter than the pictured letters. I want them to bounce onto the screen and then become still and the rgb to freeze. I would love to have a feature where I can make the letters do an rgb wave, but, I may be asking too much. If we could hook them up to follow/subscriber notifications, that would be awesome. A box around my facecam that is just thin and green is also required. This must be useable on Twitch.

If I hire you and you would like to get really creative, you can make me a whole stream layout around that brand. Starting soon, ended, brb, and just chatting.

Please get back to me with questions, ideas, and qualifications as well as pricing. Nobody has this and that's why I want it. I want my stream to shine with my creativity. No copy-pasters need apply, if I could copy this, I would have, so please don't ask for examples. A top seller on fiverr asked me for an example, I told him I only have it in my brain. I should have looked here first.

Thanks for reading!

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@catwomanteresa interested?

I am afraid that I don't have time. Thanks for recommendations. 💖💕

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You're welcome.