Need a blogger for our websites.

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We need a blogger for writing blogs for our website - here is the target demographic buyer persona for whom we need the blog - email us at : - 

 1. Our customers and what specific problem are we solving for them?

  1. What are they trying to achieve: Female Entrepreneurs, Mothers and Grandmas preparing gifts for selling or their kids from newborns to early teens.
  2. Age: 35 ~ 65+
  3. Gender: Female
  4. Address: English Speaking residents of US.
  5. Occupation: Entrepreneurs selling gifts or home makers.
  6. Married (Y/N): Yes
  7. Children (Y/N): Yes
  8. Specific problem you can help with: knows basic computer skills but lacks digitizing software and skills but definitely owns an embroidery machine.
  9. 5 Places they spend their time online/offline to resolve this problem:
    • 1 Facebook groups
    • 2 Google searching free designs
    • 3 YouTube searching tutorials on learning digitizing
    • 4 Etsy
    • 5 Blogs

    2. How will our product/service succeed in the marketplace where others may have failed?

  10. Product/Service Description: Embroidery Stock Designs, Appliques, Fonts, Monograms and Flat Rate Embroidery Digitizing.
  11. What are you not going to do: Sew patches and ship.
  12. What will be unique: Our rates will be highly discounted than competitors and with plenty of variety.
  13. Proof can deliver on the promise: been in business since 1999 and running successful business supplying stock designs and digitizing.
  14. Pricing Strategy: Low price - High Volume.
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