Steemgg x Steemmonsters Game Jam HTML5 Category Prize Final Results

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Thank you everyone for participating in the voting for Steemgg x Steemmonsters Game Jam

First of all, we would like to congratulate all the game devs who have participated in the Game Jam once again. It is really great to see your game on our platform, and from the large number of people who voted, it looked like people loved them too! We hope you had fun in participating in the Game Jam, and hope to see more of your games on our platform!

But now, it’s time to look at the results!

First, let’s look at what game the Steemgg judges, @stabilowl and @bobdos had voted for:

@stabilowl -

My three choices are (not in particular order):
Game #1 Gate of Steem: An innovative way to interact with players through steemit, and the gameplay and graphics were both good.
Game #3: Steem Dominion: The fact that it interface with STEEM is what I really like, turning Steemmonster cards into chess pieces with different skills is also a plus for me - I am a big fan of turn based strategy games. Very innovative use of the blockchain
Game #7: There will be dragons: A very well made arcade game, reminds me of metal slug and also a three kingdom arcade game that I used to play. The depth of the mechanics of the attack and how that affects your strategy is a bonus too!
To be honest, it was a hard choice and all the games are great! This is the first time I ran a game jam, and I am amazed at how much game devs can achieve in one short week and the variety of games that they come up with! Thanks again for your participation, and congratulations on making such cool and fun to play games!

@bobdos -

I vote 3 of them as below (not in particular order):
Game #3: Steem Dominion
It's a pioneer who is trying to communicate with steem blockchain in game, and it's also a game supporting multiple players and let players compete with each other in game at the same time. Though the network is very slow, characters' moving is not smooth in game, many parts need to be polished, but I still recommend this game as I see it's potential.
Game #4: Tap Monster
It's a classic Idle/Incremental/clicking game. The themes/arts of steem monster are handled well in game. The game is complete, and the game-play is smooth.
Game #7: There will be Dragons
A classic arcade game with steem monster themes/arts. The atmosphere is dark enough and the characters are dirty enough. Both of the BGM and sound effect are awesome.

So these were the judges’ choices. Remember that being Steemgg judges, each of @stabilowl and @bobdos votes are worth 20 points. But that is only a fraction of the total number of votes! We have in total (excluding the judges) 98 keen gamers who voted! That was an amazing turn out! To compile the votes, I have placed each voter and their votes, including @stabilowl and @bobdos, into an excel table, and this, is the final result:


Looks like some of the votes were quite close! So the two of us recounted multiple times to make sure that there are no mistakes. Here is the official final result for the Steemgg x Steemmonsters Game Jam HTML5 Category Prize:

First Place (150 STEEM)
There will be Dragons
by @jonny-clearwater and @nidolabz
106 votes
Second Place (120 STEEM)
Steem Dominion
by @n42k
61 votes
Third Place (100 STEEM)
Goblin Tower 13K
by @mys
55 votes
People’s Choice Award (70 STEEM)
Shoot the Monsters
by @praful and @luja
54 votes
Good Games Award (20 STEEM)
Gate of Steem
by @phonebox
53 votes
Good Games Award (20 STEEM)
Tap Monster
by @surfknasen
51 votes
Good Games Award (20 STEEM)
Steemmonsters: Snap
by @stuffbyspencer
33 votes

Congratulations everyone, we will sent out the prize money as promised in the next 24 hours

Now to the lucky draw!

In order to perform the lucky draw, I have rearranged the steemit username of all those who voted into alphabetical order as follows:


Then, a python random number generator is used, using the current date (20180916) as the seed:


Which means that our winner is #61, @papa-pepper! Congratulations @papa-pepper for winning our 10 STEEM prize! We will be sending out the lucky draw prize within 24 hours.

Thanks again for all your support, and we hope that you enjoyed this event! We hope to bring you more events like this in the future! Stay tuned!

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Thank you so much guys!
Thank you to everyone that played our games.
Thank you to every dev that got in on this.
Thank you to @steemmonsters for having the jam.
Thank you to @steemgg for having a sub-prize.
Finally thank you to my team for coming together and getting this done in just under 18hrs!

Thank you for participating! Look forward in seeing games from you guys on Steemgg!

Hey i like your poste ✌ very nice

Prizes have been sent! Congratulations once again!

He-he I run the feedom
Congrats to the winners

I wish I took part in this, but I had my long time project all along the competition time, voting time and now I'm taking a short break to return to it again.

Congrats to the winners!!

For titles alone I like "Tap Monster" & I think "There will be dragons" deserve the win!

Good job All! Waiting for more game jams like this.

Thank you for participating! We hope to organise more cool game jams in the future!

Thanks! Love steem monsters!

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This was a really awesome event. I can't wait for the next one!

Congrats to everyone who took part, GG! :D

Thanks for your participation! See you at the next game jam!