thoughts on steemgar strategy for people who have played for a while

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The viruses only split you into 2 and don't increase your mass as far as I can tell ( like on
I guess the point with this, is if someone is massively bigger than you, they can walk into the virus and split in 2 and still eat you alive.

but if you are only a little smaller then it is relatively easy to hide from them behind a virus. be careful not to split in 2 if you have to go round the virus yoke multiple times if the guy tries to keep chasing you

tips to avoid death in steemgar

  1. avoid the walls as you can be cornered in.
  2. try to avoid splitting into more than 2 pieces, when you are small as you will be easily eaten if someone sees you
  3. split into 2 early on in the game to eat more mass and get bigger faster
  4. eat other people to get bigger, try to corner them or tempt them by shooting a blob out of you with W on the keyboard
    or if you have one small mass and one large mass, let the small one be eaten and eat that person back with the big mass
  5. you can protect yourself in the direction you are going by shooting a blob out of you and then catching up with it, if some big player is near you, you could get warned of this if they get there first and you have more time to escape and evade them.

another point is, you have 3 lives, and you can't get eaten until you move your mouse, so if it is crowded near you. on an extra life, wait a while to move.

Screenshot of a recent game

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