Lightning Wallet and Daily Quest for a daily win upto 500 Hive/Steem is LIVE on Kryptogames

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Kryptogamers is a Provably Fair Non-Custodial Gaming Platform with the lowest house-edge where you can play all the popular games with Hive and Steem.

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Lightning Wallet Feature Added

Every Kryptogamer now have the option to use their lightning wallet for a much faster and seamless playing experience, especially in mobile, wherein players have to approve or sign every transaction using Hivesigner/Steemconnect for each and every bet in the game. All deposits and withdrawals of your lightning wallet are instantly processed and can be performed easily in your Kryptogamers dashboard.

All the previous non-custodial gameplay modes such as Keychain and Signer will always remain intact and you can always choose to play in whichever mode you want as per your convenience.

Daily Quest Added

Every Kryptogamer can now win upto 500 Hive or Steem daily if they complete their daily quest as mentioned in your dashboard. All daily quest rewards are instantly transferred to your Hive/Steem wallets. If you are in the Diamond or Platinum club, you can receive daily rewards upto 5000 Hive/Steem for your daily quest.

For any questions related to lightning wallet or daily quests, feel free to reach out to us on discord.

Last but not the least, we would like to thank our awesome community for supporting us and sending us their valuable suggestions and ideas.

Stay Tuned For More Upcoming Updates!

Thanks again for all the love. Stay Safe! Have Fun! 😊

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