Let me tell you a story - The legend of @steemfuse

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In a land of crypto, where volatility looms and the fear of scams and frauds abound. A child was born, a savior. The prophesy was that it is this child that would bring about an era of peace and seamless transactions. Connecting all citizens of steemit.
Born of codes and the steem blockchain, a child so beautiful so inspiring he would be a great leader.
That child is steemfuse
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Quite an introduction huh?... Well ill just leave you a message from one of the founders of this great innovation @tojukaka its everything you need to know....

if you you've ever wished for a faster, easier and more reliable way to change your earnings on the Steemit.com platform to your local currency(Naira, dollar, pounds, Cedis, etc)?
Steemfuse is a Globally Accessible Cryptocurrency Marketplace built directly on the STEEM Blockchain.
Everybody earns!
On steemfuse Receive 50% of transaction fees everytime your friends use the platform.
How to use
Goto https://www.steemfuse.com/login?ref=tojukaka
📌Update your profile
📌Click on Verify Account (goto mail and Activate)
Now you're all set.
You can either engage an open (someone else's) order or just Create BUY or SELL by doing the following
📌Click Fuse Market
📌Click Make Request
📌Fill Form accordingly.
📌Funds leave account to Ur Fuse wallet via Steemconnect (escrow holds funds).
📌Buyer Selects your order and must make payment within 30mins else order is closed and he is temporarily suspended. ( Speed and readiness is important )
📌Seller receives alert and clicks on confirm payment.
📌Funds appears in buyer's fuse wallet ready for withdrawal.

Now you'd be wondering what sets steemfuse apart from the others like blocktrade... Well for starters, its peer to peer meaning you get connected to intending buyers or sellers with absolute failsafe measures. Sort of like a market.

and the best part its transaction fees are insignificant

Oh yeah you should join the discord server too just click https://discord.gg/A5fTyJw

Be sure to follow @steemfuse too

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