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The Solution to Liquidity on Steemit

If you've ever wished for a faster, easier and more reliable way to change your earnings on the platform to your local currency(US dollar, pounds, Naira, Cedis, etc)? I present to you Steemfuse… a Globally Accessible Cryptocurrency Marketplace built on the STEEM Blockchain.

The project was first conceptualized in September, 2017 by @samstickkz and development began almost immediately, It was interesting the day I saw some whales on steemit talking about how it will be a good idea to have a platform to convert SBD/STEEM to Fiat Globally, immediately we knew we were really on to something. And after almost 5 months we finally have a public beta available, A Globally Accessible P2P marketplace.


STEEMFUSE will provide Global liquidity for The STEEM Ecosystem. It is the first Decentralized and Fully Automated Marketplace built on the STEEM Blockchain. In the coming months Steemians will use Steemfuse for Airtime purchases, electricity bills, data, etc.


Everybody earns!

On steemfuse we Receive 50% of transaction fees everytime your friends use the platform.

Goto or click HERE


How to use - a short tutorial

  • Update your profile
  • Click on Verify Account (goto mail and Activate)

Now you're all set.
You can either engage an already open/created (someone else's) order or just Create BUY or SELL by doing the following

  • Click Fuse Market
  • Click Make Request
  • Fill Form accordingly.
  • Funds leave account to Ur Fuse wallet via Steemconnect (escrow holds funds).
  • Buyer Selects your order and must make payment within 30mins else order is closed and he may be temporarily suspended. ( Speed and readiness is important )
  • Seller receives alert and clicks on confirm payment.
  • Funds appears in buyer's fuse wallet ready for withdrawal.

Support channels

  1. Chat with Online agent for Functionality challenges and for Feedback.

  2. Create a Ticket for dispute

  3. Join our COMMUNITY on Discord


In the coming months Steemians will use Steemfuse for Airtime purchases, electricity bills, data, etc.

Nice concept, thumbs up to the wonderful team behind this great project

This is a nice innovation....thanks to the team behind steemfuse

Wow the program you have made is just awesome. I am going to try it out for sure!
Previously I had to convert my steem to btc to withdraw it to my local currency but now you have made my work almost everyone's work easy. Thank you so much!

welcome to steemit

Steem platform is really coming to life. One of the few crypto tech currently realized.

This is dope and it's highly commendable. So good to see the beautiful project @samstickks is doing.

This is really great. The 30minute limit will really increase the speed of payment.