Unveiling Steemfuse

in steemfuse •  9 months ago


Hurray guys!!! Finally we have it!!!
Its Steemfuse the fastest and most reliable peer to peer steem exchange on the steem blockchain.

You can now easily and quickly convert all of your earnings on steemit to your local currency. And you can also make purchases too.

Interestingly, you don't even need to sign up if you already on steemit just connect with steemconnect.

And for added services, you get 50% of transaction fees of everyone you refer per transaction they make. Isn't that just mind blowing!!!

This is just the beginning though, I see steemfuse going higher, promoting the steemit community and also giving steemians more benefits and better services.

So waste no time go to steemfuse.com now and start trading.

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And even leading the whole crypto currency world