Progress on my Steem Web App - Update #1

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I invested several hours into my web app today. I decided not to code it myself and use a combination of WordPress plugins to get the functionality I'm looking for. So far, I'm close to having the first blog set up the way I want it. I created a multisite install so that future members will be able to have control over their own blogs.

I have a love/hate relationship with WordPress. I think it will be the quickest route to an MVP though

Something different

My goal is not to slightly tweak the steemit or busy interface. I want to bridge the gap between us steemians and the people who are already spending hours on social media elsewhere. Building on WordPress gives me the opportunity to give folks a user-friendly platform to post on instantly (while waiting for their steem account to be approved). I will also have steem as one of several payment options for payments and donations.

Respecting art(ists)

Steemit is a blogging platform. I get it. Y'all love your words. As an artist, I've felt pressure to be more verbose about my work than I'd like to be. Sometimes the image can and should speak for itself. I want this new platform to be attractive to visual artists. One of my aims is to make the interface beautiful so that artists will love to present their work there.

So, what is this?

I still don't want to get into specifics about the web app, but there's a hint in the name and the screenshot I shared. I do want to say that so many problems could be solved for people if they just had more access to capital. For those who are struggling, think of the difference an extra $100 a week would make. What about $200 or $1000?

If you don't immediately know the answer, I can tell you. Even $100 per week is potentially life-changing. So many folks are out here spending all of their time trying to make a dollar out of 15 cents.

Poverty is the root of so many problems but I don't believe that it's a hopeless situation. I don't believe that this is just the way the world works. I know if enough of us care we can make a difference.

Let's change the world

I'm a dreamer. I have big dreams and goals but I don't expect to change the world on my own.

I'm on Discord. Feel free to DM me @Nikema. Just don't make it weird.

But hey, you know what's even better than a direct message? Join me on a server. I'm a member of a bunch but I'm mostly on:

Let's talk.


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Great work! Keep it up @nikema

Thanks for the encouragement. I’m having fun so far.

Thank you for helping me out this afternoon!

You're welcome. I didn't know I helped with anything. Thanks for the support on this post.

Good luck. Sounds like there is good potential.

Thanks! I'm excited about the possibilities.

I like how you are trying to show new users a preview of how steemit can work for them before their account is finalized. The donation feature utilizing several payments I believe will be a killer feature

Thanks. I'm trying to put in the features I would like to see for myself.

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Hi @nikema. Like to talk with you. [email protected] or 224-357-6697. Want to find more about your projects. Happy Easter.

Ok cool. I'll be in touch!

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