💰Update on the Collaborative SteemFund (+27,8% this week!) - 12th Week💰

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Dear Steemians,

It has been a long time that I wanted to launch a Collaborative #SteemFund to help new CryptoInvestors to make good choices.

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How does it work ?

I started by making a quite diversified Crypto Investment Fund with cryptos I like and think have great underlying projects.

Every week, depending on the comments I receive on this post or on my Twitter account, I will make a survey asking if we should integrate a new "Crypto".

The one receiving the most votes will then be integrated in the Portfolio.

We will track the Portfolio Performance on a Weekly Basis.

This initiative can ONLY work if Steemians gather to discuss Crypto Projects and come together

Portfolio as of May, 3rd

Performance of #SteemFund

Our Portfolio Value is currently standing at $12792 (+27.79% since February, 9th).

SteemFund was launched almost during the ATH of the CryptoMarket and was losing ground the first weeks.

Our diversification and collective thoughts paid off ! It is always great to have so good advice from the Steem community.

Nevertheless, we diversified and with good investments in coins like Golem we outperformed the market!

List of Holdings

  • Steem: If you read this, you know why. I am still mad that I did not buy more at <1$
  • Eosio (EOS): I believe in Dan Larimer; he already developped 2 great projects (Steem and Bitshares) and as the Co-founder of Steemit on @SGTReport said about Dan larimer and its EOS ICO: “The people who say that there is no product yet, Dan has built 2 of them if they think he’s not gonna build the 3rd one, they’re crazy. This is the one he always wanted. The other 2 were just helping him get there”. EOS Meet-up in NY taking place today, AirDrop in 2 weeks of their first partner.
  • Ethereum (ETH): In my opinion, it has been the most exciting project in cryptos so far. This project has been copied or inspire many other hot cryptos (NEO, EOS...). Devon3 gathering brought a lot of visibility on Ethereum's next improvements especially on the scalability issue.
  • Siacoin (SC): Siacoin is a solution that allow companies to use storage in a decentralize on Siacoin network. “Miners” are renting their storage capacity. It is 5-10x less expensive than with traditional companies as Amazon Web Services, Google, etc…
  • Golem (GNT): It is a cryptocurrency allowing you to use the calculating power of the computers connected to its blockchain network. This is useful for companies looking to rent some calculating power for a project, etc…
  • Augur (REP): I just like the prediction market project. They have a good team of developers and seem to work very hard on this project. And last but not least but they keep you updated on a weekly basis.

Transaction Prices

  • 1.175 Ethereum at 852 USD
  • 220 EOS at 9.1 USD
  • 18.5 Augur at 54.9 USD
  • 235 Steem at 4.25 USD
  • 42000 Siacoin at 0.02387
  • 1450 Golem at 0.342
  • 4000 BitShares 0.25 USD
  • 625 WABI at 1,61 USD
  • On March, 31st; We sold 500 STORJ at 0.6658 USD & replaced it with 0.047BTC at 7077 USD
  • On April, 25th; We sold36 EOS at 14.4$ & Bought 7.25 NEO at 71.69$

What should we do?

I made a 4 choices Survey on Twitter than you can find here concerning the Cryptos we should sell at the moment.

  1. Not Sell anything and stick with this Portfolio
  2. Sell 5% of EOS and Buy something else
  3. Sell 5% of Siacoin and Buy something else
  4. Sell 5% of Bitshares and Buy something else

In which Cryptos Should we invest the previous sell (if any)?

Please find the other survey here

  1. Cardano
  2. Monero
  3. 0x (ZRX)
  4. Syscoin (SYS)

Portfolio as of April, 25th

What do you think of this initiative? I am so excited to read your comments!

Please share the SteemFund's love by either reposting or voting on Twitter. Thank you in advance

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I would stick with this for another week or 2...

I would also stick with this for a little while, though I have invested in Syscoin quite generously over the passed few months... It sure has paid out very nicely so far and it is only the beginning. Do I have to send Steem your way to participate into the funds and how is it going to be sent back my way when I want the funds and their returns back???

Great initiative, again, namaste :)

+27% is quite good @vlemon. I wish the best profit for you :)

Thank you for your support !

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Dear SIR @vlemon ,First of all, thank you very much for posting so beautiful, we generally have very little idea about Bitcoin, many of us do not know Bitcoin without working with Bitcoin,
SIR was very good for your posting, because you provided the right information through which many will benefit, thank you so much for posting so beautiful and will help others by providing such information in future.
After knowing some things then bitcoin should start working,
For example: ...... Bitcoin is the sign currency traded through the Open Source Cryptographic Protocol. There are no financial institutions, regulatory bodies, or fixed houses for Bitcoin transactions. All processes of Bitcoin are completed online through an open source software or through a web site. In 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto introduced this currency system.
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