SteemFund Campaign 1: Production of organic soaps by @matthewtiii

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by Matthew Townsend, @matthewtiii
Oct 5th 2016

-Description of the project

My idea is for me and my kids to hand craft organic soaps and bubble baths for kids of all ages. My children are largely home taught and we want to do a project that includes a lot of areas of study. Soap making encompasses math, reading, geometry, chemistry, and economics. Throw in a lesson in marketing and business and you have one heck of a school project!

-Main Objectives

My objective of this project is to teach my kids a sustainable skill and make them realize where money comes from. I would like to make enough from this to further teach my children and institute a college fund for them.


My time line on this is short, from funding to the first bars of shippable soap in 30 days. The idea would be to sell them on Peerhub and Etsy.

-Funds required

Funds required for this project will be $790SD

$400SD for soap materials
$150SD for forms
$125SD for utensils
$65SD for essential oils
$50SD for packaging

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Great project in so many ways! All the best !

Love your school project - epic way to teach the children the good stuff all in one!!!!! Many happy returns on your soap - - is Peerhub the steem marketplace? :-) I will surely check it out!

Upvoted and resteemed! Such a cool way to teach children!