Why Steemfriends.org doesn't work anymore October 2019

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Firstly, thank you to @blocktrades and @ocbd for the large upvotes in the last article to support the continuation of Steemfriends.org.

Since then, I have spent time to change the colour scheme of the website (first picture below), and spent money to renew the domain name and SSL certificate on September 27, which cost $24.04 USD (second picture below).

And as promised, when I discovered that the backend database had stopped working, I sent 20 SBD to renew the backend database subscription.

However, this amount was sent back to me and the subscription was not renewed. This is unfortunately beyond my control.

As a result, all the functionalities currently on Steemfriends.org can no longer work, because they all depend on the same backend database.

What next?

I will think of other things I can do on Steemfriends.org using SteemJS or other native Steem developer tools. If I manage to find time for this, I will update you guys when I have something.

I hope this article has explained the situation and thank you for your understanding.


Hope you find an alternative!

Same here. most of my Free tools https://steemyy.com are rely on steemsql, but 40 SBD is a bit more than justifying its usage.

Does it cost 40 SBD a month? I thought it was 20.

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Sorry to hear, mate.

Hello @steemfriends! You are awesome!

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Damn I just tried to use it. :(

So it costs 40 SBD now? That sounds like a steep increase, is it because of the decline of SBD's $ value? Hmm.

Such a shame! I hope alternatives will be found.

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A little late to this, but want to mention an .xyz domain are only a few dollars a year at namescheap. And a Letsencrypt cert is free.

Anyways hope with the next bull run you will return, but consider cutting your server bills from $24 a year to just $2.50 doing what I mentioned. THats not including Steemsql.. not sure what can be done about that.