[New author's introduction] Hello, Steem! I am @sparkindark and I want to become a Steem member

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Hello, Steem!

I am (@)sparkindark and I want to become a Steem member.

1st I want to talk about myself a bit and what am I doing. I am nerd and I love being nerd. I also love to share nerdie things with other nerds and here we go this is the perfect time to say that, hey, don't try this at home! It's for study, not what you think.

Sometimes (not often) I need proxy servers to collect and analyze data. There are a plenty of services providing you any kind of proxies you want, but when you nerd you don't care much about services and providers, because they most likely will ask for money and I guess I just don't see any reason to pay them. So what I need is a list of 100% working High Anonymity proxies available from anywhere in web. You can find millions(if not trillions) of proxy lists available online and believe me, you have enough proxy checkers, but python is so exciting that I decided to "build my own bicycle". My target was to make requests using different proxies from one PC. So let's see:

  • I want proxies in my list to be fastest as possible to connect and read
  • I want my carousel to switch proxies and user-agents, so listeners will be unable to define requester
  • I want to use python this time

It's 2nd time I use python for my purpose. Before that I used : php , java and I got to say, I am excited every time I begin a new task using python or qt, just like I was excited 10 years ago, when I 1st discovered php after few years of headache with VB 6...

I love crypto, I love you guys, but I have to go now... I hope you will excuse me and when I come back I will discover that hey, I have a new account on STEEM - people are want me to join them and to tell them my nerdie stories ))

So bye bye for now!


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