Meeting Minutes: 04 December 2019

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Meeting Minutes

4 Dec 2019 - 4 pm EST

Call to order and general welcome.

Present: @aggroed, @inthenow, @guiltyparties, @phage93, @snook, @transisto
Regrets: @alexvan, @shadowspub

Last Meeting Follow-up

Appoint Roles

Due to the low number of applicants for the Board of Directors positions, there were fewer nominees then there were potential positions. The need for public elections was therefore bypassed.

Please see our previous post for the biographies of all the new and returning Directors.

We also say goodbye to our Interim Chair @bluefinstudios and Interim Directors @eonwarped and @upheaver. Their contributions will be missed.

Agree to Community Standards

Main Objectives

AGM (Annual General Meeting)

  1. Draft of meeting minutes.
  2. Discussion around taxes and reporting; the legal team will be consulted.
  3. @guiltyparties will check on the process more in-depth.

Bank Account

  1. The Board agreed that banking to be set up and operational by end of the calendar year.
  2. @guiltyparties gave @aggroed links to Bank accounts which research was already done on for non-profit companies by the prior Board.
  3. @aggroed will look into opening a bank account this week.

Appoint New Executive Board Members

A merit-focused discussion around the Executive Board of Directors positions was had. A unanimous agreement was achieved.

The Board of Directors has voted in favor of the following appointments:

  1. Chair - @shadowspub will leave her former position of Secretary and assume the position of Chair.
  2. Vice-Chair - @aggroed will be filling the position of Vice-Chair for a 2nd term.
  3. Secretary - @snook will come into her 1st term as Secretary.
  4. Treasurer - @alexvan will be filling the position of Treasurer for a 2nd term.

Discussion on Next Steps

  • The success of the Marketing Committee is the priority.

  • Schedule another open meeting in ‘The Ramble’. Dates to be announced.

  • Discussion about marketing in general; goals and definitions.

  • @transisto came up with the 3 main marketing directions the Steem Foundation Marketing Committee should be focusing on:
    A. Investors
    B. DApps
    C. Social Frontends (Content Creators)

  • The next meeting the board will discuss in-depth how to market to the three different groups and will further develop the next open forum.


The next board meeting will take place on 11 December 2019 at 4 pm EST


Just out of curiosity, but hasn't the last 3 years been focused on investors? Now we have a bunch of people squabbling about their stake with free downvoting candy. I'm not part of the steemalliance, but would suggest perhaps a different direction of focus to market, make it worth something here first. Then the investors will present themselves.

Ain't no one going to listen it seems Engine, I came to the platform saying that. Still saying that and Still no interest.

If it doesn't put money so certain places can see profit it won't happen. Control over SP is protected it seems.

That's why no one put their name forward for positions.

sorry. I didn't know it was my job to reply to the comments.......

New job and all........

please see the answer to @Enginewitty

Thanks for understanding!!

A. Investors
B. DApps
C. Social Frontends (Content Creators)

these were in no particular order. When I was taking notes C. was the first one said but I didn't write it down fast enough so it became C. instead of A.

sorry for any confusion

Was there a transcript somewhere?

I mean, would like to know what was actually being said.

I'm sorry but the meeting is closed.

The board positions are now closed for six months but please keep in mind running next time!!

The minutes honestly cover all of the important parts of what was discussed.

The only thing you are missing is @aggroed having phone issues for the whole hour.

Thank You for the great comment!!

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Best wishes to the new board! Will be following the developments from the sidelines.