Separate politicians have declared Manipur independence from India

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Separate politicians have declared Manipur independence from India :

Al-Jazeera said that the expatriate government formed in Britain unilaterally announced this independence yesterday. In a press conference in London, Foreign Minister of the expatriate government of Manipur, Norengbaam Samarjit said, "From today we will run the (legitimate) government." Reading the Declaration of Independence in 2012, Samarjit said that they would seek recognition from different countries to become a member of the UN. He expressed hope that many countries would recognize their independence. He mentioned that their culture, history and history are destroyed. He said that the UN and the world should listen to them. After attaining independence in 1971, the "Princely State" reputation became Manipur. India. The freedom fighters of the northeastern state of India have been fighting for independence for the last few decades. Manipur is one of the smallest states in India with a population of just 2 million.

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