Steemforest Week # 12 "All Hands to Sowing"

in steemforest •  6 months ago

Hello friends of the steem forest, this is my 12th week .. I was absent last week for finding something busy but here I am back friend @intrepidsurfer to continue planting the plants ..

This entry is made just when the plantations closed for a while so I place it again thanks to @intrepidsurfer and @steemforest for the opportunity

Today in the company of my daughter who planted a plant in the school ...

One of my students planted another plant ...

Two more floors for this week.

This was specifically in the state of aragua, villa de cura - Venezuela

Until next week .. everyone who can see the publication I invite you to participate in the forest steem is a great life project .. greetings !!

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This is what ALL VENEZUELANS should start doing. Become independent; be self-sustainable, your soil is waiting for those seeds to feed you again. The fallacy of government dependency is over. It’s time to rebuild our paradise. Venezuela can be the switch that will turn the entire world to BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY and build the pathway to God’s original plan. 😊


The Venezuelans are mostly working fighters, inside and outside the country, they have never needed bonds from the government as now .. thanks for the cometary Venezuela will soon be a country of technological progress.



Well done @andrina, your daughter looks so proud of her work, well done!


Hello friend @lizelle a pleasure to say hello, if she excited planting she liked it very much!

It's cool your children are partaking in planting trees!


Hello friend, if you have to motivate them to take care of the environment and the importance of planting a tree!

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