STEEM Food Tours # 2 Hotel and restaurant LA MISION, Ubicado en San Felipe, Estado Yaracuy, VENEZUELA

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I have visited many restaurants I confess that I am a food lover, I have eaten in places from the cheapest, street food, fast food restaurants, to expensive restaurants I used to do it long before the situation in my country was as bad as now that just eating at street food stands has become a luxury, sometimes it is much better to prepare food at home and eat at home, I study cooking so that is not a problem for me either because I love to cook, I am happy to be in this platform I have met many people I have also learned so much and I appreciate that, thanks to my friend @jeffjagoe for this initiative is very good also helps us to know different places and cuisines of the world and you will see that this contest is going to become very famous . As I continued to tell you very little I have visited restaurants now, most of the time at home, for the year in September I had the opportunity to visit a restaurant that really fell in love. The company I work for organized a party in a place called HOTEL LA ANTIGUA MISION.



This hotel is a bit old, it is part of our history before it worked to give accommodation to the monks now also called HOTEL ANTIGUA MISION can also be known as THE FLORA EXOTICA DE VENEZUELA here you find more than 5 thousand plants brought from different parts of the world as India, Colombia, Japan, Malaysia, Jamaica, Italy, among other countries. It has other attractions is a very large place, within it we can find 4 different types of restaurants with different environments I had the opportunity to enter only 2 of them. This place is located exactly in the city of San Felipe, Yaracuy State, Venezuela Country.

Snack Restaurant Swimming Pool

Here I could eat most of the time, and spend as much time as possible due to the large number of people had to adapt the place, this is located near the pool area is almost outdoors, with pool tables, usually serve light meals, snacks, if you want you can have lunch or dinner is something more informal, beach style enjoy lunch and dinner in this place where also after eating you can enjoy varied music and even dance, you also find pasapalos, alcoholic beverages such as beers, drinks like Cuba Libre, sex on the beach a bit simple. If you are looking to spend a different day where you wear light clothes this is a good option. The next day in this same place for lunch time we prepared a very good grill with chorizo, beef and a tropical salad.





Here at this restaurant we share lunches and dinners as well as a party at night.


Patio La Fuente Restaurant

In this restaurant is served despite serving the 3 meals I think it's better to serve him breakfast for the decoration that has the place somewhat informal, wooden tables to the side you have a beautiful fountain and plates and around some rooms of the hotel that by the way was in one of those where I slept. Here enjoy breakfast, serve traditional breakfasts like pabellón criollo, arepa with scrambled eggs, what stands out is the arepa this is one of our typical foods, in Venezuela we are known for the arepas, here it serves different contours to accompany the arepas, drinks you find orange juice, coffee with milk, hot oatmeal. They also place a table where you enjoy fruit salads and different types of cereals. I do not have photos of this restaurant since last night we had a party that lasted until dawn so we all woke up very late, until the photographer.


You found 2 more restaurants that we did not have access to, you can go to the page that I will leave the place and you will see this amazing place, you can also find the relaxation area, a spa I could enjoy the experience was very good. The service was excellent since we entered the lobby of the hotel they received us with a delicious drink that until now I do not know their name but I can tell you that we drink more than 2 glasses, the staff is very attentive always aware of everyone, I can tell you that the rooms from this place they are very beautiful and comfortable, if you just want to eat in some of the 4 restaurants you can have a special entrance for visitors.


To this place I would give 5/5 you have everything in one place if you just want to be comfortable, be a little away from the city, have peace you can go here.
I leave the website of the place.


Sounds like an amazing place, and it looks like everybody had fun!

So I think it's a unique place, you can do many things there, the party was very good

Looks great @yesslife! Thanks for entering the contest :)

5,000 plants?! Sounds like my kind of restaurant!

This is more than five thousand plants from different places, that tree that I published in one of the photos has more than 600 years there in that place, thanks is a very good contest

It looks like a hotel that you could really relax in and have a peaceful getaway, for a few days! @yesslife

It really clears the mind in that place

It seems like it’s not only food they are serving. There’s more to it. What they offer is “culture” and immersion. Fantastic review!

Hello how are you doing? thank you for going and this is the place is very complete you have 4 restaurants in the same place, nature, historical places, you can stay there I think you have everything a little, if you want to visit the website and you can know a little more

I would rather use the term "Valley" .. Hope you had great meal and fun too.... Appreciated work

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