STEEM Food Tours #90; Restaurant review of Vladimiro in Rome

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This was an overall good experience in Rome dining. The dishes were all above average, while the atmoshere was quite nice.. the only disadvantage was that because the management considers this restaurant to serve formal dinner, they sort of make you hand over your coat to the wardrobe, even if you don't like it... perhaps I am being odd..but it was peculiar...anyway, here we go.


The price was about 45 euros per person and you were full.. as a starter they offer you, on the house, these bruschettas with tomato and basil.. not bad:


Then we ordered grilled vegetables, which was good:


Then this roman dish of tomatoes-eggplants-cheese which was very good:


The vegetables soup was nothing to remember about...:

The strip steak was grilled in the right way and although medium rare, the plate had no traces of blood. Also the seasoning was correct:


This plateau of fish wad also very good and the tuna rightly grilled (pink-red in the middle):


The tiramisu was assembled in front of our eyes which was quite impressive and as turned out, tasteful:


Averall a nice experience if you find yourselves near Via Veneto (37, Via Aurora, Rome,



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Awesome review @tikotiko! Thanks for participating in the @steemfoodtours contest. That tiramisu looks interesting, never seen it made that way but I'm sure it was delicious. Ahhh, I wish I was back in Rome eating my way around.

Indeed it is a magnificent city! Now returning home 😤😤😤...

I'm late to your blog. Nice as only you could do it!

Hi dear @bluemoon..Late??

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