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2 JUNE 2018- yes once more I know I have review this dessert cafe,but not to be feared. I am back with some feed backs and food porn of the season set that I missed out this Monday. This time instead of my brother joining us for high tea, my mom is here! The last time she was busy running some errands so she couldn't tag along. However to make her feel that she was not left out , we ordered a take away yam roll and apparently she loved it! She fell in love with it until she was unset that this seasonal theme is coming to a end this Sunday. Because of that we planed to go over to have high tea there. Spoilers !! The seasonal set was amazing!!

What we ordered

yummy yam set

In this set there were 4 mini dish in the set. Below I'll elaborate more about each of them!

yam roll cake with taro fillings and osmathus cream

The sponge layer is light and fluffy, cream is smooth and fragrant, taro filling lump less with the right amount of sweetness. In whole yam flavour I successfully delivered to the palate.

kuzukiri with kuromitsu and kinako

The kuzukiri by its own it's tasteless that why it comes with kuromitsu ( the sweetening agent) and kinako ( the flavouring agent) . But sure the kuzukiri it's not that bad, it's texture is extremely addictive when soaked in the syrup and dusted with the kinako aka soy bean powder. It has a plesent jelly like texture with a little chewiness.

eclair with yam filling

The eclair is nicely puffed and stuffed with generous amount of yam-my-licous fillings. It's glaze with a yam flavoured glazed. Texture combines so well, the smoothness of the filling and the spongy bouncy texture of the eclair!

assorted yam ohagi


top: matcha white bean & strawberry

right : red bean and kinako powder

left: purple sweet potato & toasted sesame

Overall the texture is supreme! Chewy and sticky with the right amount bit like how a good colked glutinous rice should be with a nice smooth, velvet yam purée. All this is accompanied by its given flavoured!

the whole set cost: 26.00MYR

yam kakigori

Smooth and fine shave ice with yam jam topped with whipped coconut cream. All the flavours just works so well! I think you could see how amazing with your eyes , no need for me to describe it.

Price: 19.00MYR

take a look inside

This is where you supposed to order your food.

Very nice music chosen to be played here!

Love the amount of natural lights coming in the cafe!

And a little green space, just to make the place more peaceful and relaxing!

my thoughts

Price: it's expensive if you compare it with main courses but as a dessert with such quality it's really cheap!
Environment: relaxing, cooling, good lighting wonderful place to study, chill with friends or unwind a whole day of work!
Service: it's mostly self service from ordering to collecting the dish to disposing the bowls and plate. However cashier is very cheerful and friendly and speaks good English and mandarin.
Food: good quality food!

others useful information

Opening hours

Weekdays: 2-11pm (closed on Monday)
Weekends: 1-11pm
Busy hours: 9-10pm
No wifi! So chat with each other!!
Free self service refillable filtered water!!

Contact number: 03-7865 8999

Google map:

Official website:

look for this !


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The food in your country looks so much more interesting. I still have so much to experience in life.

This review was nicely done and put together!


Like I said stop by Malaysia when you are on a vacation!! There is so many unseen dishes for westerner!!


As soon as we can save money we are planning to go to Thailand for as long as possible so perhaps we will travel south. That would be a dream!


Yes that would be a dream come true for many :)

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