SteemFoods Contest -10-| Promote My Favorite Fast-Foods Restaurant ! |BLACKROSE COFFEE AND RESTO

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hi stemmian
after all this time I returned to posting again

here I want to tell you one of the restaurants and cafes that cover strategically in the city of Banda Aceh. namely blackrose cafe and restaurant.

apart from providing coffee
This cafe and restaurant also has lots of fast food options.
For example, what I have, is a rebellious tofu served with a sweet and sour and savory soy sauce which is perfect to accompany the afternoon before lunch time.
and the penyet rice menu also doesn't have to wait long.
Fresh chicken meat with chili sauce is perfect to enjoy with family friends and even girlfriends.
if you stop in the city of Banda Aceh, this is a cafe restaurant that you must enter on your culinary tour list

if it's about price don't ask
the price offered is very affordable. In addition, this five-story building will provide an unforgettable dining experience.

IMG_20201217_135733_522.jpg arabica coffee

IMG_20201217_135333_920.jpg berontak tofu

IMG_20201217_105928_929.jpg nasi ayam penyet

IMG_20201217_140100_645.jpg bagian luar

IMG_20201217_103543_569.jpg bagian atas atap


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